We are truly blessed.

  1. More and yummier study breaks during all-nighters
  2. You can now enjoy JJs after a concert!
  3. If you hate your roommate, you now have a place to go for shelter
  4. More hours of mozzarella sticks
  5. You can find out exactly at what time they switch from one daily menu to the next
  6. Drunk food at all hours
  7. Hangover food in the early mornings
  8. People watching at all hours
  9. Early breakfast (what French toast was intended for)
  10. More hours to make use of this guide to JJs
  11. Increased chances of meeting the love of your life in JJs
  12. You can fall asleep in the comfy armchairs without getting kicked out at 1 am
  13. 22-hour smoothies
  14. Starting and finishing an entire book in one JJs sitting
  15. Starting and finishing an entire essay in one JJs siting
  16. Watching sunrises from JJs
  17. Coming down from a bad high in JJs
  18. Eating three meals a day at JJs
  19. Becoming best friends with other JJs regulars
  20. More Late Night Bwog articles posted from JJs
  21. More opportunities to hear “Love in the Club” blaring from the speakers
  22. JJs as the universal afterparty

JJs via Bwarchives