Staff writers Maya and Arlette went on a long and treacherous journey (to 115th) to investigate one of NYC’s biggest mysteries: Mr. Softee’s truck.

As we welcome the warm weather onto campus, we must also welcome Mr. Softee’s truck. Everyone knows the infamous song that accompanies the truck wherever it goes. We hear it in our classes; we hear it while sunbathing on Low Beach; we hear it on the toilet while paying for what Mr. Softee’s vanilla cone we ate only an hour before has done to us; we hear it as we write this article (how fitting); we even hear it in our sleep. 

Trying not to be uninformed haters, we set out to determine whether or not the sweet treat makes up for the odious song running through our heads at all hours of the day. 


What I got: Nutty Chocolate Merlin (chocolate soft serve dipped into a milk chocolate shell with nuts on the bottom) 

My thoughts: Delicious? Yes, but not enough to make up for the incessant jingle that makes me want to bang my head against a wall. This cone reminded me of the King Cone (the vanilla one with chocolate and peanuts) only less delicious because of the fact that there were less peanuts. Also, the base of chocolate ice cream detracted from the experience, and I truly believe that vanilla would have amplified its deliciousness. Otherwise, was yummy. Did enjoy. Also, WTF is a merlin? Google said it is a bird. Can’t quite figure out the relation between ice cream and birds. 


What I got: Cherry Merlin (vanilla soft serve dipped into a cherry shell with rainbow sprinkles on the bottom) 

My thoughts: I lowkey kind of love Mr. Softee’s music, I won’t lie. It’s so cheerful and happy and perfect for springtime. It reminds me of running outside with my sister, five-dollar bill in hand, to find the ice cream truck after dinner. (Btw inflation killed Mr. Softee’s, like why did I pay $4 for an ice cream cone that used to be $1.75?) But even if I didn’t like Mr. Softee’s music, the ice cream would 100% make up for it. If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, I honestly think I might pick a Cherry Merlin ice cream cone. You really get the best of both worlds with the cherry shell on top and the rainbow sprinkles on the bottom. It’s like the mullet of ice cream (the cherry dip is the business and the sprinkles are the party, duh). The sprinkles and whatever chemicals they put in the cherry dip mixed with the creamy vanilla ice cream are perfection. It’s actually so good. Like if you’ve never had a Cherry Merlin, you need to go find a Mr. Softees truck right now and try it. 

Overall, Mr. Softee’s is iconic and yummy, but we want the music to stop please (at least Maya does…vehemently). 

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