The real AC was the friends you made along the way.

Location: Barnard quad, 3009 Broadway

Nearby dorms: Sulzberger Hall, Brooks Hall, Hewitt Hall

Nearby dining hall: Hewitt

Nearby stores: Halal cart, food trucks, Shake Shack, Pret, Morton Williams, and all other shops near Columbia on Broadway

Cost for 2022-2023: $11,738


  • Bathrooms: Hall bathrooms on each floor have three stalls and three showers. They are cleaned by facilities on weekdays, and alternate between women-only and gender-inclusive by floor.  Access to all other quad bathrooms if one is full.
  • AC/Heating: There is no AC in Reid, but heating in colder months which cannot be adjusted.
  • Lounges: Access to Sulzberger Hall lounges just down the hall, one per floor with couches, TV, and kitchenette.
  • Kitchen: Shared kitchenette in the lounge for each floor of the quad.
  • Laundry: One washer and two dryers per floor which were largely nonoperational this year, but easy access to Sulzberger washers and dryers
  • Printing: Two computer lounges in the basement with 4 printers cumulatively.
  • Elevators: Two elevators at the south side of the hall, access to Sulzberger elevators.
  • Storage: Two built-in closets with sliding doors, 4 dressers, and 2 hutch desks per double.

Room Variety: All corridor-style doubles, with one RA single per floor. Views of the Barnard quad, Broadway, and 116th street variably. 

Bwog Recommendation:

Reid is very standard and can be a very lovely place to live. It has remarkably spacious doubles, a ton of storage, and fantastic views! It does not have AC, you can hear your neighbors’ activities pretty clearly, and the hot water was less than consistent, but none of these things are unique to Reid. The furniture is all nicely warm-toned, and the closets being built into the room make it feel more just like a home than a dorm. It’s generally slightly more social, but that’s really up to the individuals on each floor; this Bwogger is suite-ing with people from her Reid floor next year.

Resident Opinions:

  • “The light facing Broadway is great, and Reid has nice bathrooms with good access to the warm Brooks showers. Overall, the rooms were nice and pretty spacious!”
  • “If you didn’t get Sulz, this is the next best thing. No AC is definitely humbling but will make you a stronger person! Overall, a pretty good dorm with an incredible view if you face the street.”
  • “Invest in good fans, and keep the windows open in the warmer weeks!”
  • “I have really enjoyed living in Reid mostly because of all the light my windows get during the day (My room faces Broadway). The bathrooms are a bit grimy but I think they all are. The rooms are small but relatively spacious compared to other dorm halls so it feels big over time. There’s also a significant amount of storage (you have a closet and a cabinet above the closet alongside two dressers). It can get pretty loud but you get used to it.”


Both sides of a Reid double
A lovely Reid bed and a beautiful pothos
A Reid closet

Images via Bwog Staff