What is the 123 lottery, really, if not a Guaranteed List recruitment event? 

Today marked the third day of Barnard’s 123 lottery and the sixth day of the housing lottery overall. The majority of remaining rising juniors made their housing selections today, though a staggering 77 have already opted out of selecting in favor of joining the Guaranteed List. In possibly related news, the last remaining single room was selected this morning, meaning the remainder of the options in the 123 lottery are double and (occasionally) triple rooms. With just 99 rooms remaining in the lottery and a whopping 197 groups still waiting for their selection time, things are looking increasingly dire for the remainder of the lottery going forward. That said, there are still plenty of student favorites on the table!  

What’s gone: Every single! All of them. Meanwhile, there are still quite a few corridor-style and suite-style doubles left across campus. As of now, 121 remains the only completely full building, though space is getting increasingly limited in Cathedral Gardens and the Quad. 

What’s left: Among the suite-style dorms, there are still 15 doubles left in 110, 16 in Plimpton, 18 in 600, 11 in 616, 10 in 620, and a surprising four remaining in Cathedral Gardens. On the corridor-style side, there are still nine rooms left in Sulzberger Tower, 15 in Elliott, and just one room remaining in Hewitt Hall. If for some reason, you’re looking for a triple, there are also seven of those available in 110! 

Looking ahead: After today, the Barnard Housing Lottery will take a brief hiatus, starting up again on Monday, April 10, when remaining rising juniors, mixed groups, and some rising sophomores will begin selecting. In general, things are looking up for students excited about living in a double next year—there are still 99 left in the lottery, and they’re pretty evenly spread out across campus. While things may be approaching dire territory for rising sophomores, all hope is not yet lost! If you’re looking to live suite-style, there are still plenty of sophomore-favorite options, including Plimpton and 110. Overall, if current trends continue, we’re likely to see a significant number of rising sophomores and juniors opt for the Guaranteed List in the coming weeks. 

600 Entrance via Bwog Archives