The fifth day of housing selection, a Friday, and an eternal fountain of stress.

Friday was the fifth day of housing selection, and it was a day illustrating how quickly housing reality can change. After that day’s choices, suites are scarce, singles are low, but corridor doubles remain abundant. Rising juniors, if you have a low number it might be back to double living again!

Last Friday, corridor singles in Schapiro and Broadway went quickly. Also, East Campus five people suites went sometime Thursday night, with the last few going during mixed-point senior-junior groups and maybe a junior group with an exception number. Moreover, Columbia’s residential brownstones—548 W 113th and 627 W 115th—have both been selected. Rising Seniors and Juniors who snagged them, enjoy the classic NYC life! Please invite Bwog over sometime!

What’s gone:

All the dorms from day four (duh!)

548 W 113th

627 W 115th

East Campus Suites

What’s scarce:

All Corridor Singles Available for Upperclassmen:

  • Broadway: 12
  • Schapiro: 13 
  • Harmony: 23
  • Wien: 33
  • Carlton: 46

47 Claremont: One 5-person suite, ten 7-person suites

East Campus: four corridor doubles

Harmony: two 6-person suites

Plimpton: one 6-person suites

Ruggles: one 6-person suites, 12 8-person suites

What’s left: 

600 W 113th (Nuss): 68 corridor doubles, one 5-person suite

Carlton: 46 corridor singles, 132 corridor doubles

Harmony: 23 corridor singles, four corridor doubles

Hartley: 81 corridor singles, 16 corridor doubles

McBain: 11 corridor singles, 178 corridor doubles

Schapiro: 12 corridor singles, 83 corridor doubles

Watt: 42 studio doubles

Wien: 33 corridor singles, 40 corridor doubles

If you’re a junior with a low lottery number that wants a single, good luck! There are 219 left, but 92 of those are for rising sophomores only! So really, 127 for two more days of junior selection. Eep!

If your housing group has exhausted plans A–Z and then the whole alphabet again, check out Bwog’s Housing Reviews here. See you later tonight!

627 W 115th via Bwarchives