Big day for Columbia housing selection!

Today was a formative day for Columbia’s housing selection process for the 2023-24 school year, as a few big names have officially fallen off the board today: Broadway, East Campus, Schapiro, and Watt. Meanwhile, a few others, namely Wien, Ruggles, Claremont, and Harmony, are on the brink of elimination. There are a grand total of 20 singles and 6 suites left, so adjust your expectations accordingly; godspeed, remaining selectors!

What’s gone:

  • 548 West 113
  • 627 West 115
  • Broadway
  • East Campus
  • Hogan
  • ​​Plimpton Hall
  • River
  • Schapiro
  • Watt
  • Woodbridge
  • All studio singles and doubles

What’s scarce:

  • 47 Claremont: two 7-person suites
  • Harmony: one (1) corridor double
  • Hartley: 16 corridor singles, 13 corridor doubles
  • Ruggles: four 8-person suites
  • Wien: 15 corridor doubles

What’s left:

  • 600 West 113th (Nuss): 43 corridor doubles
  • Carlton: 117 corridor doubles
  • McBain: four corridor singles, 178 corridor doubles

Looking ahead:

As always, you can use your UNI login to access Columbia’s live housing counter here to watch live while Rome burns, and Bwog’s 2023 housing reviews can be found here for reference! Make sure to follow us on Twitter for real-time updates and reactions to housing selection.

Image of Hartley Hall via Bwog archive