Since yesterday, 47 Claremont and Hartley have fallen off the board. One eight-person suite and 289 corridor doubles remain. We are also sad to report that all singles have been officially taken for Columbia’s housing selection process for the 2023–24 school year. If getting a single was your goal, you have my condolences (actually). Good luck to everyone who is yet to go through room selection!

What’s Gone: 

  • 47 Claremont
  • 548 West 113
  • 627 West 115
  • Broadway
  • East Campus
  • Hartley
  • Hogan
  • ​​Plimpton Hall
  • River
  • Schapiro
  • Watt
  • Woodbridge
  • All studio singles and doubles

What’s Scarce:

  • 600 West 113th (Nuss): 18 corridor doubles
  • Harmony: 1 corridor double
  • Ruggles: 1 eight-person suite
  • Wien: 6 corridor doubles

What’s Left:

  • Carlton: 100 corridor doubles
  • McBain: 164 corridor doubles

Looking Ahead:

If you’re still waiting for your selection time (or have already gone through room selection and just like seeing what you missed out on) you can use your UNI login to access Columbia’s live housing counter here. In addition, Bwog’s 2023 housing reviews can be found here. If you would like real-time updates and reactions to housing selection be sure to follow us on Twitter! 

Image of Ruggles via Bwog archive