Midterms got you down? Distract yourself for the next three to five minutes with puzzles and more!

The Jumble:

Unscramble these phrases to find the secret Columbia and Barnard buildings! The answers are at the bottom

A: Ban milk

B: Math lion

C: Rad bran

D: Camus tapes

E: “I ranted: ten ache!”

The A-maze-ing Maze:

Help Prezbo find through campus to find his true love:

Jokes and Riddles:

Q: Why can’t you trust Roaree?

A: Because he’s always lion!

Q: What’s a pirate’s favorite school at Columbia?


Q: What’s the Columbia administration’s drink of choice?

A: A Deantini!

Connect the Dots:

Connect the dots to find a hidden Columbia symbol:

The Jumble’s answers:

A: Milbank

B: Hamilton

C: Barnard

D: East Campus

E: The Diana Center

Good luck on all of your midterms, finals, and final midterms!

Map of Columbia and Prezbo via bwog archives; map and header via wikimedia commons