Contrary to popular belief, fun did not die at Columbia; it migrated to Bwog Slack.

Bwog, for the past few years, has used Slack as its publication communication platform. The messages between staffers to staffers and staffers to the entire organization are the same level—if not more—irreverent than our articles themselves. We’ve given you glimpses a few times in the past, so enjoy a selection from this past year

On Slack, Bwog Sometimes Suffers

On Bwog Slack, John Pork

On Bwog Slack, Bwog gets lit

On Bwog Slack, Bwog Eats

On Bwog Slack, Free Speech is Dead

On Bwog Slack, Bwog contemplates theft

On Bwog Slack, Bwog observes the world

On Bwog Slack, Bwog Bwogs

On Bwog Slack, we notice things about Twitter

On Bwog Slack, things sometimes devolve into Irish discussions in the most unlikely of places

On Bwog Slack, we celebrate each other!

I don’t know what to title this one, but it makes me giggle every time

Screenshots of slack via all of Bwog