Applications for Daily Editors, Staff Writers, Illustrators, and Tech Team positions are due next Friday, September 22 at 11:59 pm ET!

There are a lot of things that can happen in a week. A week is, after all, 168 hours. As students, it takes mere minutes to add or drop a class. If you want to stay healthy, take 30 minutes of exercise. And improved cognitive functioning grows from at least 10 minutes of meditation per day. But if you really want to improve your future, take maybe an hour or two and apply to Bwog. Applications are due in one week!

So what day of the week is that? The 22nd of September! And you have even more than 168 hours—you have about 180 (based on when this is published). Once you’re done, be sure to send in your apps as PDFs to and title them “[Name] Fall 2023 App.” You can also email with any questions.

But speaking of questions, let’s get a few out of the way:

What are Staff Writers? Staff writers are the creative foundation of Bwog. Everything from Bwog starts from their brilliant minds. They are the beat reporters and aspiring comics. They are scientific communicators and they are culinary experimenters. They are everything—they can be all four of those at the same time! As a Staff Writer, you can write about anything related to the Barnumbia student experience: sports, arts, lectures, interviews, and many many more!

What are Bureau Chiefs? Amongst our collection of Staff Writers are four enlightened souls: Our Bureau Chiefs. These are the writers responsible for our vital student council coverage. You’ll attend meetings for one of the four undergraduate schools at Barnumbia (CCSC, ESC, GSSC, or SGA) and write a recap for Bwog. These are incredibly important to inform the public—and also, it looks really impressive to have a fun title like Bureau Chief! [As an added benefit, you’ll also usually get some of the food brought to the meetings).

What are Daily Editors? Daily Editors are the frontlines of Bwog. They keep the publication upright, essentially running the publication and copyediting for an entire day. Their day starts by keeping themselves and our thousands of readers informed. They do so by writing Bwoglines—compiling ranging from international politics to campus programming. Then they review the creative prowess of our Staff Writers (or maybe pieces of their own). But just between you and me, Daily Editors are also members of one of the most elusive secret societies on campus; they know things the rest of Bwog doesn’t. Daily Editors are powerful, but we only have seven (one for each day of the week). If you only apply as a Daily Editor and do not receive the role, you will be offered to join us as a Staff Writer.

What are Illustrators? Illustrators make all the art on Bwog that generations will eventually study in their ArtHum classes. From landscape paintings of campus to photoshopped thirst traps of Alma Mater. Illustrators are also able to create media pieces of their own—photo essays, cartoons, etc! Maybe even sculpture (although we’ll have to figure out how to get that on the website). If you want an artistic outlet, let Bwog be your muse!

What is the Tech Team? Tech Team is for the Bwog fan who might not be a writer or artist (or could be) but wants to help our website itself stay alive and also innovate it! If you want to be a central figure in the maintenance of a heavily trafficked news source—and also get the opportunity and benefits of being on Bwog—rush tech!

Can I only apply to one? No! You can apply to as many positions as you want (be the first Bwog application to apply as a Daily-Editor-Staff-Writer-Bureau-Chief-Tech-Team-Illustrator). However, please indicate your preference in your application as you will only be offered one position.

Finally, if I join Bwog, am I allowed to be a part of other publications?

It is Bwog policy that you cannot simultaneously be a member of Bwog and another student news organization on campus (such as Columbia Daily Spectator, The Blue & White, or The Federalist). 

You are allowed, however, to write for campus literary magazines and other, non-journalistic organizations. Bwog loves these types of connections—be in Bwog and  Columbia Political Review, Columbia Undergraduate Law Review, 4×4, Quarto, Grey Matters, Columbia Science Review, RatRock, etc.! 

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