If there’s anything for certain about Columbia students, it’s that all of them are getting a lot of sex all of the time. 

As every high-achieving student knows, Columbia is renowned for two things—how sexually active its students are and how great their music taste is. Prospective students on campus tours have been known to see people having sex everywhere—in Butler, on the lawns, in the dining halls. When surveying undergrads, 89% reported having sex on average more than three times a day, 10% between one and two times a day, and 1% less than one time a day. In fact, the replacement fertility rate for an average Columbia student is 10.69 births per woman, as opposed to 2020’s US average of 1.64 births per woman. No wonder our acceptance rate is so low and all the students here seem to be legacies! 

If Columbia students are known for having a lot of sex, you’d also be happy to know that they think they have the greatest music taste out of anybody they know. The fraternities here rank among the best in the country for music selection, choosing anything from Kid Cudi to J. Cole, some of the most profound lyricists of our generation. After graduation, Columbia students gain prestigious music-centered internships, ranging from getting the aux cord every once in a while to offering their musical opinion to a room full of Juilliard kids.

The University’s two strengths only develop when paired together. After much clamor for a sequel after how much sex our readers had to our first Ultimate Bwog Sex Playlist, we’ve compiled a second list of the best songs to play during sex. These selections were chosen by our very own students and are based on peer-reviewed statistics of most orgasms per song. Feel free to comment your own additions down below—there’s always new sexy tunes to check out! 

Legacy Sex via Bwarchives