BweeklyRoast provides weekly off-campus coffee shop reviews for students who can’t spend another waking moment at Butler. This week: Hex & Company (@hexandcompany) on 114th.

Honestly, if you are truly desperate to leave campus this soon after fall break, I’m slightly worried… But another week means another off-campus coffee shop. This week’s reason to leave campus is to start the seemingly unlimited assignments you didn’t even look at during the long weekend!

Hex & Company (@hexandcompany)

Okay, sure, maybe I’m lazy. It seems everyone is already at least aware of Hex & Company’s existence, so I understand if there is some disappointment with this week’s BweeklyRoast. But I am just a girl! It gets dark at 5 pm, and this two-day week was particularly hectic, so please cut me some slack (this is me apologizing in advance and also promising to redeem myself next week). 

Hex & Co, as you may know, is technically a board game cafe where you can pay per person to play one of their many games. We at Bwog are familiar with this system, especially after Presbury played The Game of Life with some of us last month. Hex & Co and I also have some slight personal history, as it was the cafe I quickly stopped by before I toured Barnard for the first time! Despite this, though, I was determined to return and fully evaluate the study potential of the shop as a new student and, of course, a coffee connoisseur. 

The reason this cafe is so well known is probably because it’s basically on campus. The location is admittedly part of why I chose it this week, as it is conveniently located on 114th and Broadway. With this colder weather and early darkness, it’s getting much harder to journey to farther locations, so something a bit closer than usual is becoming more ideal. 

Also, Hex & Co was very study-friendly! There are a lot of tables, and while some can get reserved for later, you are technically allowed to sit there until the time slot written on the card. I was able to secure a table without a reservation but got asked to move at 7:30 pm for some walk-in board game players. Obviously, I obliged and sat at a table outside. It was slightly chilly, but I had been at the shop for a few hours by then, so I didn’t mind leaving. Despite the possible busyness, camping out for a long time seems very doable. Free WiFi was available, and the password was written on the counter, so I didn’t have to ask! There is a customer-only bathroom, and the cafe closes at 11 pm! To stay that late, you might have to get lucky and hope there aren’t more players than tables, but 7:30 pm isn’t too bad, either.

The vibes were good as well! There was a lot of stuff to look at, which might be a tad distracting for some of us, but the ambiance was lovely, and the lighting was very warm and inviting. The music was quiet, so I barely noticed it, but there was some general chatter due to people being in meetings/playing games. Honestly, I overall really enjoyed doing work here! I got a lot done and even facetimed my mom, so the space is fairly versatile. 

This isn’t just a cafe either; there are many real food options. On the menu, I saw pizza, sandwiches, waffle fries, etc., and even several desserts like ice cream and brownies. Hex & Co is also kind of a bar. They had an extensive list of beers on tap if that’s your thing (maybe not when studying, but who am I to judge?). If you’re curious, the whole thing is available online

The latte itself was delicious as well. I ordered a small, and while it was smaller than anticipated, it ended up being an amazing treat for the afternoon. It was perfectly sweet and very foamy for a latte, which I liked. Sadly, there was no latte art, but it might have just gotten messed up by the lid. It also did not come in a mug despite dining in. A fun feature was the million different syrup options (seriously, just ask, and you’ll be overwhelmed), and I was pleasantly surprised at the ability to add peppermint (And no, it’s not too early)! Halfway through my visit, I decided I was thirsty again and was pleased to find out I could get a Dr Pepper since they have fountain drinks. That was great as well. 

The prices were…okay. My small latte was $4.50, which felt like a lot for the size. There are also upcharges for both syrups and milk substitutes. I’d probably pay for it again, though, and I’ve seen so much worse. The rest of the menu seemed pretty reasonable as well, but I’d have to actually try it to know if any given item is worth the money. 

Pros:: very accessible, great latte, lots of options, can spend a lot of time here, good vibes

Cons: maybe too on-campus? could be more aesthetic (no latte art or mug), kind of sad to watch everyone having fun with their games while I’m suffering, technically was kicked out

Overall: 7/10. I’d come back for sure! We all know and love Hex & Co, but it’s absolutely underrated as a study spot. It was way more studyable than many other places I’ve been to, which makes me wonder why I didn’t see many other working students there. There were a few flaws, but honestly, due to the proximity, I might start to regular this place, especially as the libraries fill up for exams.

Hex & Company Coffee via Author