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Welcome to the Bwogcast, a new podcast hosted by Bwog staffers that covers a range of topics each episode. This first episode is hosted by Deputy Social Media Editor Jess Tsang (BC ‘26) and Staff Writer/Social Team Member Rory Collins (BC ‘27). The two discuss topics ranging from break plans, to their favorite Glee characters, and more! Whether you are heading home for Thanksgiving this year or staying on campus, the Bwogcast is a great source of entertainment during your flights, train rides, or general down time. This episode, Thanksgiving and Big Sub Edition, is available on Spotify. If you’re a nerd and you’d rather read the podcast, be our guest I guess? Transcript below. Enjoy!


*Fun intro music*

BOTH: Hello Bwog nation! It’s Turkey Lurkey time!

RORY: Welcome to the first episode of the Bwogcast. 

JESS: Yes: Turkey Lurkey, Let’s Have a Kiki, Glee Cast Edition

RORY: And big sub edition at the bottom though in like fine print. 

JESS: Yes. 

RORY: To start you off with the Bwogcast, we’re gonna explain the Bwogcast and then I’m gonna do some ASMR. 

JESS: Yes, yeah. 

RORY: So the Bwogcast is your favorite Bwoggers who are going to be podcasting! Right now your favorite Bwoggers are… 

JESS: Jess! 

RORY: and Rory! 

BOTH: And we’re both members of social team! WOOO!

RORY: Jess is the deputy social media editor of Bwog 

JESS: And Rory is a social team member

RORY: And we’re starting this podcast. It’ll come out on whatever basis it comes out on, and this edition we hope that you listen to on your train ride, on your car ride, on your flight,

JESS: on your moped, 

RORY: Walk, 

JESS: Motorbike,

RORY: Privately chartered helicopter,

JESS: Privately chartered jet, 

RORY: Oh… pony ride. Whatever vehicle you will be using to get home for Thanksgiving! Or, if you’re not going home to get wherever you’re going. Or if you’re just staying here then to listen to in your dorm room or anywhere you live. 


RORY: This is an accessible podcast

JESS: This is an accessible podcast, hopefully available on all platforms 

RORY: Once we figure out how to do that 

JESS: Yes, and create an album cover 

RORY: Yes, we have much to do.

JESS: And now it’s on to the ASMR portion of the segment

*ASMR sounds ensue*

RORY:  Now back to our regularly scheduled programming

JESS: We know you all want to hear about our lives so… 

RORY: Yeah, and you care so much about Rory Collins Barnard College ‘27 

JESS: and Jessica Tsang Barnard College 2026

RORY: So we’re going to do a Rose, Bud, Thorn of the week. Jess, do you want to go first? 

JESS: Yes, I’ll go first. My rose is this here podcast being right here in my dorm room and filming our lovely podcast. My bud is Bwogsgiving  is tomorrow and we get to be with our lovely Bwoggers and celebrate how amazing this club is. And our family. 

BOTH: Our Bwamily shout out Elaine and Sam! 

RORY: My bwisters

JESS: And my bwildren

RORY: Jess is my bwig if didn’t know and that was a complete and total shock that no one planned. 

JESS: Yeah yes no planning at all no Google forms filled out. All by magic.

RORY: All by the magic of the Bwog board. 

JESS: Yeah Yep. So much magic.

RORY: And what’s your thorn? Did you say your thorn?

JESS: Oh my oh my thorn. Oh, I do have a thorn. My thorn is that we filmed 30 minutes of this podcast and realized we were not recording. So that was my thorn. 

RORY: We don’t know how to use IMATS equipment, we’re humanities majors. 

JESS: Even though like got a whole tutorial on how to use it, we still did not like press record which was super super sad.

RORY: The record button was blinking and we were like “Why is it blinking?” 

JESS: There was no timing showing like how long we were recording for and we were like “What’s happening here?”

RORY: Like “the levels are working…” But it’s fine. 

JESS: Rory, what was your Rose, Bud, Thorn?

RORY: My rose is this here podcast! This here podcast is my rose, and spending time with my Bwig Jess. And my bud is tonight is opening night of KCST’s Much Ado About Nothing, I got the merch on. 

And I will be run crew-ing in front of house-ing and I’m very excited. This is coming out after the show, so I hope you came and saw it!

JESS: Yeah, give us your review. 

RORY: Give us your review if you liked it. If you didn’t like it, I don’t care. 

JESS: Comment down below! Like and subscribe!

RORY: We don’t know how any of these platforms work, but comment! Did you like KCST’s Much Ado About Nothing?

JESS: Comment down below! Notifications on!5:53

RORY: Would you like to be on the Pod? 

JESS: Do you want to be on the pod? Email us!

BOTH: Email us at 

RORY: We actually, our dream in life – before I share my thorn because I feel like that would take down the mood – our dream in life is actually to be LA boy podcasters. Like you know BFFs podcast, Josh Richards, Dave Portnoy. We want to be asking people to be on the Pod. We want that to be our lives. So make that possible for us by liking and subscribing and sharing!

JESS: Like this Pod!

RORY: Now onto my thorn. I have so many papers due after Thanksgiving break. And I’m gonna go home, I’m going to try and relax with my family, and then I’m going to be like: “I have a 10 page paper.”

JESS: Oh, the sadness of humanities majors…

RORY: Wait! I actually have a different- oh my gosh, sorry, KCST’s Much Ado About Nothing but I have a different bud. I love you too, though. My family is getting two kittens! 

JESS: Really? What type of kittens?

RORY: They’re little- So, backstory, we used to have a cat who was a little gray cat. You know, like an American Shorthair, and she sadly passed away this summer, but we loved her very much. Her name was Jingle. And we found two little Jingles that look like her and their brother and sister! And they’re gonna come home to us and our grumpy grumpy black and white cat named EJ.

JESS: That’s so cute

RORY: And we’re so excited, but it’s happening during Thanksgiving break. So that’s why it’s my [bud] I just remembered this was happening.

JESS: Do you have names? 

RORY: So… comment down below some names! Because my brother is 15 years old and wants to name one of them Walter White, which I don’t love. He was also thinking like Reginald, which I don’t love. I want to name the girl. It’s a girl and a boy. I want to name the girl “Betty” after the Taylor Swift song. Or Phoebe after Phoebe Bridgers. I’m really into that. 

JESS: I feel like Phebes would be a cute 

RORY: Phebes would be so cute. 

JESS: Yeah. 

RORY: Or maybe fleabag the cat

JESS: Wait that’s so good. That’s such a good cat name, Fleabag and Reginald-

RORY: Fleabag and the Hot Priest. Oh, no?

JESS: Hot Priest the cat

BOTH: “Hot Priest come here!” Please, Andrew Scott. We love you. 

RORY: I’m so excited for his movie with Paul Mescal. 

JESS: Oh my god. It’s gonna be so good. What is it called? Oh my god. 

RORY: All of us strangers. We love pop culture at Bwog. 

JESS: Yes. We love it so much. 

RORY: And, you know, we would be amiss to also tell you that today is Big Sub. 

JESS: Yes. Oh, yes. Big sub. 

RORY: Today is Big Sub and we are so excited for Big Sub (that we definitely didn’t already go to )

JESS: Yes, this is totally filmed before we went to Big Sub, as was planned 

RORY: We definitely didn’t record before Big Sub, have that footage not ever be recorded, and now we’re recording this one. 

JESS: Yes. And this definitely isn’t our second time around filming about our excitement for Big Sub, because it has not happened yet. 

RORY: It hasn’t happened yet. And we don’t- you know, I think the question of the day is from me, as a lowly little first year: What is Big Sub? 

JESS: Oh, and I have the answers to those questions. So, Big Sub is basically like, well, name self explanatory. It is a giant sub of various varieties. There is veggie, Turkey, Turkey Lurkey I shall say 

RORY: It’s Turkey Lurkey time, Tom Turkey ran away, but he just came home

JESS: There’s, um, I think there was tuna last year. 

RORY: I didn’t see that this year. But I haven’t been to Big Sub Yet.

JESS: No, totally not.

BOTH: Neverrr

JESS: And then, um, yeah, and then we all count down and then we eat the Big Sub. 

RORY: Wow what a strange and awesome tradition. 

JESS: Yes. An amazing tradition that happens once a year. 

RORY: Yeah, and I know Barnard social media eats it up every time because I see the posts constantly. Even not during Big Sub time, which I love.

JESS: They will be posting the Big Sub pictures for eternity 

RORY: Yeah, and Greta Gerwig and Barbie. And that’s kind of all we got. 

JESS: Yeah, that’s really all we got. 

RORY: That’s really all we got. Um, but yeah, super excited for Big Sub. I’m thinking Turkey sub for Turkey Lurkey time let’s have a Kiki Glee cast version.

JESS: And we Turkey Lurkey’d, We Kiki’d

RORY: We Kiki’d. Um, you know, there were some other types of subs we did not partake. We’re gonna stop pretending this is before Big Sub, we just went. We did get Yerba!

JESS: Yerbaaaa

RORY: Yerb

JESS: That was our ASMR.

RORY: Peach revival. But we’re really happy we got free yerba. Because we deserve it. 

JESS: We really did. 

RORY: We really did. And you’ll also see some of our amazing interviews. Coming soon to an Instagram near you. 

JESS: And on this Podcast, yeah on the Pod. 

RORY: It’ll be in the clip right after this. And you know…

BOTH: Roll the tapes!

*Fun interlude music*

RORY: We are on our way to…

BOTH: Big Sub! 

RORY: and we’re so excited

JESS: Hi Bwog!

RORY: Hi Bwog! Hi Bwogcast!

JESS: And we’re gonna be interviewing people online maybe and we’re also, um yeah.

RORY: Hopefully we’re gonna get subs.

JESS: Turkey lurkey time

RORY: We really want Turkey Lurkey time, we might not get them.

JESS: Let’s have a Kiki!

BOTH: We’re literally having a Kiki.

RORY: And we’re just really excited for this experience.

JESS: This is Rory’s first sub ever.

RORY: Ever. I’ve never had a sub in my whole life, actually.

JESS: That was a joke. 

RORY: I had one from Chef Mike’s once

JESS: Yeah, but this is the first Big Sub 

RORY: Big Sub ever. But yeah, we’re going to be asking some students, you know, what sub they’re getting? how excited they are for big sub? what their favorite sub in life is?

JESS: Yeah, what their favorite Barnard tradition is? whether they like Barnard? Whatever we so choose. 

RORY: Oh my gosh. Okay, we’re going to introduce some fellow Bwoggers. 

JESS: Hello Sophie my lovely, lovely publisher. How are you doing today? 

SOPHIE: I’m so good, we’re getting walking backwards steps in this crazy. 

JESS: We’re onl ine for Big Sub, I might fall right now… 


JESS: Oh my god, we’re walking really fast. What is your favorite thing about Big Sub? 

SOPHIE: The warm sandwiches in the sun for hours.

JESS: Oh, yes. Our very favorite thing. Oh my god we’re walking so fast. As a Junior, how do you feel about your third round of Big Sub? What type of sub do you think you’ll be eating? 

SOPHIE: Probably turkey but tbh we didn’t have one my freshman year sooo…

JESS: Oh yeah, Turkey Lurkey time!

SOPHIE: Exactly. 

BOTH: It’s Turkey Lurkey time!

JESS:  Okay, let’s interview someone else. 

RORY: Hello Tal Bloom, social media editor of Bwog. Are you so excited for Big Sub?

TAL: Like, yes. I don’t actually really like subs but here for the vibes.

RORY: Yeah, um, how do you feel about it not being spanned out on campus like it’s advertised and instead just being on Futter Field?

TAL: I’m actually really let down I was just saying this! It’s a big sub but it’s not a campus wide big sub and that’s the whole bit. Come on Barnard. I know you have a lot of money to spend on this. 

RORY: And finally we’d just like to know how much do you love the Bwogcast? 

TAL: Love the Bwogcast.

RORY: You heard it here, loves the Bwogcast. Good reviews are in.

JESS: Okay. So on the theme of Glee and Turkey Lurkey time what was your favorite Glee episode and why? 

BAYLEY: Oh, that was a really good question. Um, wow. Well, season three is my favorite season. But I think comfort is I rewatch Season Three nationals because Paradise by The Dashboard Light-

JESS: I love Paradise by The Dashboard Light!

BAYLEY: The Glee version. I know it’s like a really famous song, the original, but the Glee version is better.

JESS: I actually have not listened to the original. 

BAYLEY: It’s very different. 

JESS: I’ve only listened to the Glee version. 

BAYLEY: It’s really good. I do duets with my best friend frequently to it.

JESS: Are you Finn? Or are you Rachel? Are you the ensemble?

BAYLEY: It switches off. I usually have to be Rachel because my friend wants to be Finn just because he has better parts. But you know, you win some you lose some. 

JESS: That’s true. That’s very true. 

BAYLEY: Turkey Lurkey time is an offensive episode and song.

JESS: It is so- let’s have a Kiki!

BAYLEY: I don’t know why Sarah Jessica Parker was in that episode.

JESS: Sarah Jessica Parker-

BAYLEY: Are you serious? She’s in that song.

JESS: I know, I know. Oh, yeah. She’s amazing, though. I love her so much. But what were her choices in… you know…what, what’s your character’s name? 

BAYLEY: I don’t remember. I don’t even know what her character was. 

JESS: She was the vogue editor

BAYLEY: I haven’t rewatched it because it’s again, offensive. 

JESS: Yes. It is like one of the- oh my god, we’re almost there. Oh, we’re almost at Big Sub. Are you excited? 

BAYLEY: I’m so excited. First Big Sub!

JESS: Yayyy! 

RORY: Hello Erika, famed member of social team of Bwog.How are you feeling today on Big Sub? 

ERIKA: I’m good. I’m hungry. So this is great. Yeah. There’s a lot to do. There’s a lot.

RORY: What type of sub are you thinking of getting?

ERIKA: Probably the vegan one? Because I don’t eat meat. So I don’t know where that is, but I gotta go find it.

RORY: I believe it’s green balloons. If that helps you. It’s balloon coded.


RORY: Yes. Yeah. Are you familiar with the song “Let’s have a Kiki/Turkey Lurkey Time by the Glee Cast? 

ERIKA: Oh my gosh. Yes, of course. I know that song. With Sarah Jessica Parker too? Oh my gosh. It’s so good. 

RORY: It’s the theme of today’s episode, obviously. And we’re really excited for our Turkey Lurkey Time sub over here. 

ERIKA: Nice, nice. Well, I need to like go get the green balloon. 

RORY: Have the best time! We love you! Bye.

JESS: Hi, I’m here with:

CHARLOTTE: Charlotte 

JESS: And,

MILA: Mila 

JESS: What type of sub did you guys get? 

BOTH: Turkey

JESS: For Turkey Lurkey Time? For Thanksgiving?


JESS: Have you guys watched Glee?

BOTH: Yeah

INTERVIEWEE: Our suite is Glee themed. 

JESS: Your suite is Glee themed? Oh my god, that’s so beautiful. If you were a Glee character, what character would you be? 

INTERVIEWEE: Um, my room is Quinn like, my name is Quinn.

INTERVIEWEE #2: My room is Puck. Puck. But I feel like I should not…

JESS: Interesting, interesting. Thank you for being in our interview. That’s all.

RORY: Hello, who am I here with right now? 

ZOË: Hi, you are here with Zoë Benavidez. 

RORY: Zoë Benavidez is this your first Big Sub?

ZOË: It is 

RORY: How excited are you? 

ZOË: I am so excited, I can barely contain it within my small little body.

RORY: Zoë Benavidez, have you watched the hit TV show Glee by any chance? 

ZOË: Have I? I live it.

RORY: Are you currently feeling Turkey Lurkey time with your subs or did you get a different type? 

ZOË: No, I did get Turkey because I was feeling Turkey Lurkey time, inspired by your whiteboard in our hall. 

RORY: Yes, it is on my whiteboard! Turkey Lurkey time. Sulz 8, yeah.

ZOË: Check it out.

RORY: Check it out. Well, thank you so much Zoë, we love you so much. 

ZOË: Thank you Rory, I love you so much. 

JESS: Hi, how are you doing Emily? 

EMILY: Great! Awesome!

JESS: How do you feel about your second Big Sub?

EMILY: Awesome!

JESS:Wait, you didn’t even get a sub?

EMILY: Not yet, maybe I will. They’ve been sitting out here for a while I feel… 

JESS: You’re waiting for the yerbs? 

EMILY: Yeah, bro. Where are they? 

JESS: I don’t know. And I saw that there’s Gatorade too

EMILY: All I see is water and I’m disappointed. Where are the other drinks?

JESS: I know, Sophie and Tal got a yerb, but I want one. I see so many people with them though. I don’t know where they are.

EMILY:God knows. 

JESS: Are you familiar with Glee?

EMILY: I’m familiar with it. 

JESS: Do you remember the Turkey Lurkey episode? 

EMILY: I never watched it though. 

JESS: This is so sad. It’s okay. We’ll end our interview here. 

JESS: Hi, I’m here with: 

OLIVIA: Olivia. 

HEATHER: Heather. 

JESS: What is your favorite part about Big Sub this year? 

OLIVIA: The Yerba Mates

HEATHER: I have to agree

JESS: Wow. Did you even get a sub? 


OLIVIA: I actually just ate lunch so

JESS: I did too. 

HEATHER: We got lunch together so 

JESS: Okay, so you’re only here for the extra…extra? Wow, what type of yerbas did you get? 

OLIVIA: Oh well revel berry is my favorite flavor, but I didn’t see it initially. So I got my second favorite flavor. 

HEATHER: We just went back to Olivia’s dorm to get a yerb so Olivia has three yerbs.

JESS: Oh, are you like filling- it’s in here. You can’t see though, but it’s there. Just trust trust. Thank you for letting me interview you. 

RORY: Hello, I’m here with:

ELAINE: Elaine. 

RORY: Elaine is a staff writer at Bwog and we love her. She’s part of the bwamily! She’s my bwister, she’s my bwin; and, Elaine are you so excited about your first Big Sub?

ELAINE: I’m so excited about my first Big Sub, It’s almost done. 

RORY: What sub did you get? 

ELAINE: I got the turkey sub. 

RORY: Oh my gosh, we’re so excited about the turkey sub. Have you watched the hit show Glee? 

ELAINE: I have watched this show Glee.

RORY: Do you know the Turkey Lurkey Time episode was Sarah Jessica Parker?

ELAINE: Yes of course I do! It’s Turkey Lurkey Time, Tom Turkey ran away and he just came home! 

RORY: That’s basically the theme of our podcast today. And we’re really excited. We also got turkey subs.

ELAINE: That’s so exciting. Are you having a kiki?

RORY: We are having a Kiki. What do you think of the playlist at this function? 

ELAINE: I thought that it was really concerning at first but like they just did this transition that I was a big fan of and I’m loving the DJ now. 

RORY: Okay, amazing. Well, thank you so much for letting us interview you, enjoy your Big Sub! Bwamily for life guys <3

*Fun interlude music*

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