On Thursday, February 29, Barnard Dean Leslie Grinage and Senior Vice President Sarah Gillman announced that an investigation has been launched to look into various acts of vandalism on the Barnard campus.

Barnard is investigating multiple reports of graffiti discovered in restrooms on campus, as announced in an email from Dean Leslie Grinage and Senior Vice President Sarah Gillman on February 29. The email sent by Grinage is attached below.

In the email, Grinage and Gillman affirmed that vandalism is both a crime and a violation of the Barnard Code of Conduct, stating that it “will not be tolerated.” The graffiti incidents are being investigated by Barnard and those responsible will be “held accountable,” according to the email.

Grinage and Gillman also reminded students of Barnard’s core values of respect, openness, and critical thinking. They stated that Facilities, Safety, and the CARES team were “unnecessarily impact[ed]” by the graffiti due to their responsibility to quickly respond to the incident. Grinage asks students to report any more sightings of graffiti or vandalism on campus to caresteam@barnard.edu or 212-854-3362 with an identifying description.

Email from Leslie Grinage to Barnard students on February 29, 2024, at 8:51 pm:

Dear Members of the Barnard Community, 

We write to you about graffiti that was recently discovered in the restrooms of several buildings on campus. Vandalism is a criminal act, a violation of our Code of Conduct, contrary to our values at Barnard College, and will not be tolerated. These incidents are being investigated and responsible individuals will be held accountable.

Barnard is a place of learning, a workplace, and for many of us, a home. It is imperative that we respect each other, our campus, and the core values that must guide our behavior on campus. We ask you to commit to living and learning together in ways that reflect openness, critical thinking and respect for one another. We remind you that this type of unacceptable action also unnecessarily impacts many College employees, including our Facilities, Safety, and CARES teams, who must respond quickly to this type of incident. 

If you have information about these incidents, please let us know. We urge you to report any further incidents of vandalism you see on campus to caresteam@barnard.edu or 212-854-3362 with a description or photo, date, time, location. 


Sarah Gillman

Senior Vice President, Strategic Finance & Operations

Leslie Grinage

Vice President Campus Life and Student Experience and Dean of College

The following supportive resources are available on campus for anyone affected by these incidents:

Nondiscrimination and TIX 

Submit a report

Location: First Floor of Elliott Hall Monday through Friday (closed on holidays) 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Email: nondiscrimation@barnard.edu

Phone: 212-854-3362 (CARES Response Line; indicate that you are calling to speak with the Title IX Coordinator)

Furman Counseling Center

Location: 100 Hewitt Hall, First Floor Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Mon through Thursday pre-scheduled evening hours 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.)

Email: counseling@barnard.edu

Phone: routine appointments and non-emergencies after hours 212-854-2092; on-campus non-emergencies CARES Response Team 212-854-3362; on-campus emergencies call Community Safety 212-854-6666

Health & Wellness

Email: healthandwellness@barnard.edu


CARES Response Team (nonemergencies): 212-854-3362

Community Safety (emergencies): 212-854-6666

Barnard Hall via Bwog Archives.