If you know, you know.

Ever since I discovered I could use meal swipes at Liz’s, I’ve been an unstoppable addict. In particular, the muffins have taken over my life. I will wait a whole twenty minutes for a taste of any of their muffins, but this strikes an important question: which one is the best? Here’s my ranking, but I know this might be a controversial topic, so please don’t come for me. 

10. Corn

I love a corn muffin, and I’m not saying they are so bad at Liz’s, but they’re far from the best. They’re slightly too sweet, and a little too dry and hard. They would be acceptable if not for the fact that the rest of the muffins are so much better. Ultimately, I have to rank this one last. 

9. Chocolate Chip

This muffin is good; it’s just boring. There’s not much to say about it other than there are simply better chocolate options. 

8. Maple

Not to be crude, but I find the glaze on top of the muffin pretty unsettling. Also, they’re usually more flat at the top. Technically, the flavor is good, but I don’t know; I just never choose it unless I don’t have a choice. Points for uniqueness, though. 

7. Cranberry

I get this muffin a lot, but it’s almost exactly like (the better) blueberry muffin, so I’m docking it a few points. It’s good, just not as good as the others, and I usually only get it due to the lack of other options. Cranberries are also very dependent on the day for me; I don’t know; they just taste off sometimes. 

6. Cinnamon Apple Yogurt

I like this muffin, too, but sometimes there is just too much of the apple flavor. I absolutely love the top of it, though, so I think I’d like it more if there was more cinnamon or streusel on it. Also, why is yogurt in the name? I’ve never thought it really tasted like yogurt, but okay. 

5. Chocolate

This is essentially a cupcake, but I know the Barnard girls love this one. I usually don’t order it, but I’ve had it, and it’s obviously as yummy as it sounds. There are also chocolate chips spread throughout it, which is why I’m rating it above regular chocolate chip. 

4. Red Velvet

Now, this is the best “cupcake” option. It has white chocolate and is literally so good. Technically, red velvet is chocolate, so I feel okay about putting it above everyone’s love for the chocolate muffin. 

3. Lemon Poppy

I just love lemon anything. It’s a good balance between breakfast and cupcake and is generally moist. My main complaint is that this flavor isn’t really available that often, so I have to dock it a few points for inaccessibility.

2. Blueberry

Tried and true, who doesn’t love a blueberry muffin? They’re always moist and flavorful, and I even feel good about eating them for breakfast. No notes!

1. Cappuccino 

Okay, so maybe this is a hot take, but I am absolutely in love with the cappuccino muffin. I tried it one day out of curiosity, and I have been its #1 fan ever since. I don’t know if it actually tastes like a cappuccino, but it’s basically a brown sugar flavor with chocolate chips spread throughout and even a dash of powdered sugar on top. It’s delicious, perfect, and entirely underrated. 

(Not) Liz’s Place Muffins via iStock