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Marching Band Releases Statement On Butler 209

This morning, Bwog received a tip from the CU Marching Band. Attached was a letter from the CUMB addressed to Ann Thornton as well as the Columbia community, demanding change after last semester’s act of censorship by the school which kicked the Band out of Butler 209. In their letter, CUMB stated its grievances yet again: Columbia […]

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Marching Band Prohibited From Playing Orgo Night In Butler 209

According to an email to the CU Marching Band Alumni Association from association director Sam Rowan, members of the Band leadership met yesterday with Chief Librarian and Vice Provost Ann Thornton. Thornton informed them that the Band would not be allowed to hold Orgo Night in Butler 209.  Orgo Night, the Band’s traditional end-of-semester event critiquing events at […]

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