We were there when students stormed the stage in Columbia’s Alfred Lerner Hall and chased off the Minutemen, and we were there with the chanting crowd outside. We reserve the right to set the record straight. This item will be updated as news breaks.

stewartO’Reilly Factor, interview with Marvin Stewart:

We would like to remind you that the head of Columbia’s College Republicans is named Chris Kulawik, not Chris Collawick.

We would like to clarify that on no occasion did we hear any of those present at Wednesday’s fracas shouting out racial epithets or slurs; and that, too, no epithets or slurs were overheard by us within or near the protest area at Broadway and 115th St.

Most importantly, we can confirm that Mr. Stewart was gravely misinformed as to the content of the trilingual banner he referenced in his interview with Mr. O’Reilly. In no way was a denial of the holocaust expressed by Columbia students’ signage. The  English and Spanish of the poster in question, easily recognized, restated the common slogan, “NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL,” and the Arabic more closely translated the same sentiment. Several people emailed us to say that they had scanned “insaan” for “holocaust.” We have gone through the dictionaries: insaan, bas
signed on the root of ans (man or human being), translates as “human.” Pardon our pedantry when we say that “holocaust” would likely be expressed as a compound noun and would certainly be rooted in either “fire” or “massacre,” each of which has a very different spelling from ans. The banner Mr. Stewart mentioned simply restated one message in three languages: “NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL.”