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Core Archetypes: The Science Behind That Homie In The Back

We’ve covered a number of different people in your core classes who have clearly done the reading (even in the language of the original text), but what about the people who haven’t? One Bwogger and soft scientist defines the classic figure representing this group through experience and research*. There is a pattern of behavior this student tends to […]

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Core Archetypes: The One Person Who Actually Did The Whole Reading

We’re back at it again with the Core Archetypes.  Senior Staffer Betsy Ladyzhets brings us up-close and personal with the person who has committed to memory the placement of every bracket in Sappho’s fragments. You get to class early, but they are already there. They sit at the precise opposite end of the table from the door (where […]

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Core Archetypes: The One Who Brings It All Back To Feminism

Bwog’s here again to divide your world into stereotypes. This time, Senior Staffer Gabrielle Kloppers writes about that person who always brings the conversation back to feminism (like, okay, but did you even do the reading?). You walk into CC, expecting a continuation of this morning’s sleep. You are sorely mistaken. This morning is unlike other […]

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Core Archetypes: That Kid Who Did All The Readings In Latin/Greek In High School

Remember our EC Archetypes? This time, Bwog is taking a look at the personalities in your core (or “foundations” or “nine ways”) classes. In this edition, Staffer Youngweon Lee (who admits to being that kid in her Lit Hum class) tells you about being in class with someone who already read the texts’ original un-translated versions. As rosy-fingered […]

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