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Free Food and Not-Free Class Rings Tonight

The 2011 CC and SEAS Class Councils, together with Balfour Class Rings will be in the 2nd floor EC lounge tonight!  At 8pm they will be handing out free pizza and soda—as well as selling class rings.  Feel it, 2011?  Feel the nostalgia coming on? Image via Wikimedia

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A PSA for You Crazy Kids

We’ve gotten word that the guards at East Campus aren’t letting people in, at least as of 12:03am tonight. Stumble across Revson at your own risk! Let us know in the comments of your experiences or of any updates.

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Tropical Storm Nicole Meets East Campus

3:30 AM fire alarm in EC, and it just started to rain. Keep on keeping on, EC! Refugees find solace in SIPA:

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Kitchen Cabinet Goes 2D

The second most popular Columbia band to graduate between 2006 and 2010, The Kitchen Cabinet, has made a music video. The lovely  and preemptively nostalgia-inducing video for “Dogwood” was filmed by Victor Suarez, CC’11 during a set at an EC townhouse party. The video was based on the excellent “Take-Away Concerts” from Blogotheque, each worth […]

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