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Self-Actualized: College Kids’ Desire to Smoke, Eat, and Use the Internet

CampusFood, in an apparent effort to get hip with the kids, sent out a ridiculous 4/20 email. It’s 4/20. Do you know where your munchies are? To make sure you’re fully supplied tonight, we’re dealing out a $4.20 coupon starting at 4:20pm EST. Enter coupon code at check out: PSAFOUR20 Come on. Drugs are bad, […]

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Know Your Rites: Haruspicy is a Violation of University Conduct

Gerry Visco, Bwog’s favorite classicist and “keeper of the flame,” sent out another memorable e-invitation to Saturnalia. “Those of you who are scared of me or anyone else here belongs in the suburbs with the Stepford Wives,” Visco wrote in a Bwog comment. Read on and wish your professor were this adorable: Please join us […]

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