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Columbia in the News

Another month, another round-up of Columbia-centric news.  We’re almost back in action, kittens, so rest up till September. To ease registration pains, Columbia added a “Wish List” feature that automatically enrolls you in the classes you choose during your registration slot, and you’ll be able to see course syllabi a few days before registration as […]

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What Were We Smoking?

We continue to respect our heritage/amorous affair with our mother-magazine, The Blue and White by posting each issue of the magazine online. The latest issue, available this week around campus, is sure to delight: the Sisyphean struggle of pulling off Bacchanal; a conversation with The New Republic’s Leon Wieseltier; and a look at what Columbia’s need-aware policy means for international applicants. In this feature, senior […]

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At Two Swords’ Length: Can I Get a Light?

The Autumn issue of The Blue & White, our parent magazine is out! You can get it from many of the campus buildings, including Lerner and Hamilton, and also read it on the “Internet” at! Here, Senior Editor Anna Bahr and Bwog Senior Contributor Alexandra Svokos discuss the relative merits of sharing or withholding your cigarettes.  […]

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