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Bwoglines: Start Off Halloweekend With A Satanic Ritual Edition

Happening in the World: 56-year-old Alain Robert, more commonly known as the French Spider-Man, scaled one of London’s tallest buildings without safety gear in a total of 40 minutes. Robert was later arrested for causing a public nuisance (NY Times). Happening in the US: Two middle school girls aged 11 and 12 from Florida are […]

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Bwoglines: Fortune Telling And Falling From The Sky Edition

Happening in the World: A Russian Soyuz rocket malfunctioned two minutes after liftoff on a mission to the International Space Station on Thursday. The two-member crew, U.S. astronaut Tyler Hague and Russian cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin, were forced to make a parachute landing in their capsule. Fortunately, they landed safely (New York Times). Happening in the […]

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September 20, 2019
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