Name That Trailer: Law & Order SVU

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Bwog editor Anish Bramhandkar notes that Union Theological Seminary is hosting one of TV’s most popular sex crime shows: “There’s a food van/cart there with a sign saying something about serving food to film productions on location, and a bunch of people eating food.  A few of them have nametags that say Law & Order SVU.”

UTS seems very popular with NBC these days — last week, the new NBC show Kings was shooting there. But hey, the main campus will always have Peter Parker.

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  1. they've  

    been filming for a few days. they did a water scene off the new harlem piers park by fairway a few days ago, and a night scene in front of the entrance to UTS as well.

  2. Land OR SVU sucks!

    the show sucks now - it has fallen a long way

    • completely agree!  

      this season has been unspeakably awful. poorly written and melodramatic.

    • jordan

      man this show is getting gay....the plots are more and more far fetched and unbeliveable..each week the chacters arrest the wrong person, screw up someones life or get them killed and the whole time they have an "i can never be wrong fuck the law when i don't like it attuitde". They never learn a lesson and the new ADA is an over acting moron. listen get some new writers and some new ideas....unless you want this to be the last season....just when i think you can't produce any more crap.....i wait till next tuesday and there it is law and order svu

  3. Criminal  

    Intent is definitely the best of the three.

  4. ...  

    law and order was pretty good. law and order svu is crap, it's like they modified the show to meet the specifications set out by the lifetime network.

  5. svu  

    is by far the best one. Ice-T anyone?

  6. bwog

    they film various versions of l&o at uts all the time. you just never go up there

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