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Housing lottery numbers are up a few days early! To find out your number:

  1. Log onto StarRez
  2. Go to “Applications”
  3. Select the application for Academic Year 11-12
  4. Find your lotto number under “Registration Summary”
  5. Weep. (Or rejoice!)

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  1. CC'13

    Bad lottery number :(

  2. Anonymous  

    what's considered good/bad?

    • Anonymous

      I would say above 1000 is good. Below 1600 or so is bad.

      • John

        So 2800 is living-in-a-closet-with-friends bad. fun

        • Actually that's excellent.

          So-bad-it's-good because you get to the top of the transfer list when/if you file a request.

          That's how I ended up with a private bathroom in Nussbaum as a sophomore two years ago.

        • empathy  

          2318, rising sophomore, and I'm doing General Selection

        • jack lalanne's drunk ghost

          you probably won't even get to pick, they will run out of housing and you will wait in the transfer. its probably better than the top of the sophomore housing lottery. i had a number in the 300s in general selection and i ended up with a blind double in wien (no singles left), while there are many people i know with super low numbers who ended up in singles in "junior-targeted" housing. fucked up but you probably get the best end of the stick.

          next time there's some fucker talking about how our social life is hanging from a string and that's the biggest problem facing our campus, let's talk about how columbia doesn't have enough housing options to comfortably house a considerable fraction of our student body. the fear bwog cooks up isn't a trite fear - it is a legitimate fear of unacceptable living spaces that definitely play a role in one's academic performance at this institution (let alone the performance of one's well-being). most sophomores and many juniors will not be able to easily cook in a kitchen, yet they have few other options for accessing inexpensive and healthy food. our dining plan has a stigma attached to it for upperclassmen - and rightly so, it fucking sucks. so our student body is probably more malnourished than most others, and guess what, we're also the more depressed/stressed/manic/whatever. wonder how that happens.

          down with columbia housing and dining! or rather, up with it. this isn't something we should just accept. why isn't this front and center at student government meetings rather than the platitudinous shit you guys love to fuck about

          fuck yall

  3. Anonymous  

    What could I do with an 1162 as a rising junior?

    • Anonymous  

      A hell of a lot. Broadway for sure if you're in general selection. Pretty sweet Watt options if you're a two person.

      • can you explain

        are you sure about this because on the cutoff history for broadway it says 20/682 for large singles and 20/340 for interior singles... how would 1162 get you into broadway then?

        • When I was a junior...

          I had a lottery number around 1500 and had to choose a single on one of the middle floors of Schapiro. Broadway was long gone by that point. So, yes, I think Broadway is probably out of the picture for you.

  4. Hm.

    1539, rising sophomore - am I doomed?

  5. Crying Sophomore  

    Do I get to live in a shoebox with 2718???
    What's the best my group and I can do?

  6. Anonymous  


  7. Anonymous

    Someone tell me again why this system is set up such that I first get 2745 and then 2915?

    What fucking dipshits are in charge that let this happen?

    • BigDickMotherFucker  

      If i wanted to hear whining i would go to a daycare.... but i really dont give a shit cause i got lotto number 22... with a group of all seniors..... and i have a big dick..... booyah

  8. Anonymous

    Is there a place where they have published everyone's lotto number along with their unis for all of us to see like they did last year?

  9. IF

    im in a group of 8, and drop down to general selection (b/c we have a very good lottery number), do we all get the same lottery number we got in the group?

    • Anonymous  

      if you're rising sophomroes, definitely, I'm sure. other classes too, probs.

    • Anonymous

      That's what my group did this past year. We split up and then all chose to live on the same floor in schap, and we kept our number (and individual point values)

    • Anonymous

      If you drop into general selection you all get the same lottery number and you decide amongst yourselves the order in which you pick rooms at your appointment time.

      Same goes for Sophomores doing pair-up: you get the same lottery number as your original group.

  10. Anonymous

    rising sophomore 2390 - what are my options?

    • LBB'12  

      I know a guy who has a friend who might let you sleep on his couch if you would be willing to whore yourself out. It'll take you a few weeks to adjust to the constantly swollen rectum, but it will still be a helluva lot better than where you are going

    • kindred spirit  

      Based solely on our shared high 2300s, I feel like you're a really cool person, and I should invite you to go barhopping if you're a guy and ask you out if you're a girl. It's just crazy how the lottery plays with our emotions. I predict it won't be long before some savvy SEAS kid starts a dating site for people based on their lottery numbers.

    • Anonymouse

      Suite selection? McBain, no shaft. General selection? McBain blind double or put on the summer waitlist, then end up with nicer housing than all of your friends.

    • Anonymous

      Don't drop into General -- you won't get anything good and will end up picking into a blind double anyway. Your best bet is to do Sophomore pair-up and get what you can in McBain -- you might be able to avoid the shaft with a ~2300.

  11. curious

    Hey, I'm curious... so wikicu says to watch out for Schapiro room 902.. does anyone know why?

    • Anonymous

      Based on the floor plan its very oddly shaped, but other than that I don't see what's wrong with it.

    • Anonymous  

      I live in Shap 902 right now. It is an AMAZING room. I thought the shape was weird like an L shape, but in reality is really isn't. It's HUGE, I think meant for a double actually. Lots of sunlight too. I got it through summer transfer though.

  12. Anonymous

    rising senior in suite selection with 2 people, lotto number 1169. chances of watt? 2-bedroom apt in woodbridge? or are we basically going to be in 1-br woodbridge/EC flat?

  13. Thank you  

    Columbia Housing for ruining people's spring breaks faster than usual^^ You guys are the best!!

  14. Senior  

    Lost the frat house, then my group of six drew 2980. Columbia clearly doesn't want me to live here.

  15. im a horrible person

    hooray for special interest housing..

  16. Anonymous

    20/2000-ish: guaranteed schapiro at least? Housing cutoff says 10/xxxx but I know juniors in wien. Anyone know what's the deal?

  17. OLDZ

    We used to actually pick numbers out of a "hat" (box) during housing lottery. I still have some of those rectangular slips of paper somewhere. Enjoy your robot overlord enforced misery, kids!

    • person  

      That's still how they do it for senior regroup. Only they don't pick numbers. They pick out suite configurations. And they don't shuffle them first. So make sure you add yours last.

  18. Anonymous

    columbia can't charge this much per year AND not give me housing thats livable. im not asking for anything special - just clean quiet renovated in like the last 202394023 years

  19. halp!

    20/2800ish; group of 8 rising juniors. where can we live??

  20. Rising Sophomore

    My group of 8 has a lotto number of 170. Is this good?

    • Anonymous

      You won't get into Ruggles. But you can break up in sophomore pair-up and go almost anywhere else with good doubles (Nussbaum, Harmony, etc.)

    • your friend  

      You're in my group. Yes, it's awesome

    • you're lucky!  

      you guys definitely won't get a ruggles suite... ever since they were renovated, they get taken up by lucky juniors. my group had 174 as rising sophomores and we had to breakup (sophomore pair up) and ended up getting great broadway facing doubles in mcbain. as long as you're with your friends and you're not in the shaft, mcbain is a blast!

      a word of advice after living there though, pick broadway facing rooms on the highest floor possible to avoid street noise. also, make sure to buy window screens from the housewares store (and encourage your neighbors too) and a fan and you're good to go!

  21. FFFFF  

    highly possible that as a senior I will get worse housing than I did as a junior... OMFG THIS IS NOT HOW LIFE IS SUPPOSED TO WORK


    Lottery number as rising junior: 643
    Lottery number as rising senior: 2387.


  23. HEY BWOG  

    Tell us what our numbers mean. Please? Tanks.

  24. Anonymous  

    I'd take 600 as a junior and 2300 as a senior

  25. '14  

    Rising sophomore in with a suite group, I got 309. Is this good or bad?

  26. Anonymous  

    Are these likely final numbers? I wouldn't put it past Columbia to dick around with us and put up new numbers come Monday.

  27. Agh

    2730 as rising senior. I just want a single in not-Wein. Can it happen? So confused.

  28. luck$hot

    Group of 2 rising sophomores, 10/240. Good?

  29. Help a brother out:

    Rising senior, 1224, general selection as an individual.

    What am I looking at?

    Also, is it weird for a senior to live in Schapiro?

  30. Anonymous  

    can you get a single in a woodbridge apt from general selection?

  31. Anonymous  

    What can a rising junior do with a 1603???

  32. Anonymous

    have they posted the list of everyone's unis and numbers?

  33. Housin' hater

    Group of 6 rising juniors: about 2600 housing...ruggles please??!!

  34. distressed  

    rising sophomore, got a 3 ... what does that mean???

  35. Anonymous

    As a rising junior with a number less than 450..which is the better choice, Broadway or Schapiro? I know almost all of you are going to say Broadway ..but I can't really tell the difference between the two.. Can anyone enlighten me?

  36. Anonymous

    1415, rising sophomore in general selection. How screwed am I/ what's going to happen to me?

  37. Anonymous

    2711 two people general selection... absolutely screwed?

  38. Anonymous  

    205 rising senior general selection=good? I have paid almost no attention to housing this semester, have lived in SICs for three years. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

  39. sopho  

    2600~ as rising sophomore suite selection :(
    is it possible to get a not-shafted mcbain double?
    damnnnnnnnnnnnnn columbia

  40. upper 2700~  

    two people rising Sophomores. Fuck. What can we get? can we get mcbain?

  41. I'm living in  

    HOGAN BITCHES!!! 610, all seniors. Haters gon' hate.

  42. Anonymous  

    Is there a pdf with everyones lottery numbers like last year, so we can see where we stand?

  43. yeahhh

    sophomore pair-up will save your asses. you can get decent non-shaft doubles

  44. housing costs

    did all the housing prices seriously go up by $1000? WTF.

  45. The Five Stages of Housing  

    1) Denial
    2) Anger
    3) Bargaining
    4) Depression
    5) Wein

  46. Anonymous

    rising senior, general selection, 1402, what can i get?

  47. rising senior

    i've got 1132, general selection as an individual--what can i get folks?

  48. Anonymous  

    question about the cutoffs on the website...someone said the 10/xxxx numbers for schapiro were sophomore transfers. since transfers go by point value then reverse lotto number, would it be safe to assume that if you were a junior, you were definitely able to transfer to schapiro (since sophomores did too)? or am i missing something else.

  49. Anonymous

    can somebody explain how summer transfer works for sophomores?

  50. suuuu  

    6 rising seniors 1935 -- what's the dill pickle// best 3 feasible options??

  51. Monte  

    is 30/22 a good selection number? Will I get my first, second, or third option? Thanks for the replies.

  52. Jerome Cranston  

    For a 6 man of rising seniors, what is the best possible living option?

  53. poopiepants  

    Nanananaanaaaa poo poo i got 22

  54. Anonymous  

    I think I actually may have gotten the last number for my year. Blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  55. Anonymous  

    what are the chances of 4 rising seniors with 2700 getting an ec suite? or a suite in general?

  56. Anonymous  

    rising sophmore in group of 7 with lotto number of 271... think we'll get ruggles? or maybe claremont?

  57. Hey Bwog  

    Remember that list of everyone's lottery numbers that was available last year? You know, the one where you could tell how many groups were ahead of you in the selection process?

    Where could I find that?

  58. Anonymous  

    I'm also a rising junior with a lottery number of 2448 that is definitely ending up in general selection... Do I have a chance at Schapiro?? Will I end up in Wein??? ;_; Can I get a room that is better than 80 sq feet???

  59. crm3000  

    well i won the bet about me being #3000. XD

  60. Anonymous  

    2700 lottery number, 8 rising juniors.... ruggles possible?

  61. Anonymous  

    2 rising sophomores in suite selection with a single digit lottery number... could we each get broadway singles if we drop to general selection?

  62. Anonymous

    What is the Watt Studio Single cutoff?!

  63. Senior group of 6  

    Would anybody happen to know how many frats/sororities there are that take EC townhouses???

    and if so do they along with SICs usually take all single suites of 6?

    Just think that my group may be near the fence on getting an all-single suite and really depends right now on how many of the townhouses are taken...

  64. Anonymous

    Hahaah suckers... This is why I moved off-campus.

  65. Anonymous  

    Rising junior, lotto number 869 (indiv general selection) - do you guys think I can get a bway single?

  66. Anonymous

    is furnald still available for rising sophomores

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