Primal Scream Redux

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Gallant procrastinators, clashing in epic, fluffy battle, stormed across the Butler median last night. The annual Sundial v. Butler bash had a more dubious commencement than usual because of the unclear Facebook event start time. A handful of freshmen began fighting around 11:30, but then quickly left––their school spirit forever tarnished… Thus, one can conclude, the main event was fueled by the pure ferocity of upperclassman rage. Relive the event via the pictures and video below.

Photos by Victoria Robson and Michael Radtke Jr., video by Ricky Raudales

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  1. Desperate  

    Anyone know anything about the whole take-a-class-again-and-the-original-grade-goes-away?

    • Anonymous

      the original grade will always factor into your gpa and will remain on your transcript. If you choose to retake the class the new grade will not factor into your gpa but will go onto your transcript.

  2. People please  

    When you record video on your smartphone, TURN IT LANDSCAPE.

  3. Bwog, I  

    really love you for that video

  4. Anonymous  

    Love the song choice! Gershwin is amazing! I remember playing this song..

  5. orange pillow  

    in "guiding her to safety": TUPAC, IS THAT YOU?!?

  6. oh bwog  

    dearest bwog, the fact that you just referenced a specific x-files episode by name (a favorite one at that) makes me love you even more.

  7. okay  

    that video is fantastic

  8. Anonymous  

    But the old grade stays on the transcript?

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