Laptop Theft Hits ADP

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According to a tipster, two laptops were just stolen from ADP on 114th St. Public Safety and the NYPD are on the scene. This is the third incident in as many days, but there is no evidence that they are related.

The laptops were stolen during a rush event. Members of ADP saw strangers in the house, and asked them to leave. Before leaving these suspects took two computers from rooms in the basement. These circumstances were similar to those at Theta, and both houses frequently have people coming and going. Especially at this time of the year, students should be vigilant during events open to the public. Seriously guys, lock your fucking doors.

Update: An anonymous tipster described some shady behavior they witnessed earlier in the day. There’s no proof that this incident was related to the thefts, but it doesn’t hurt to be vigilant!

“Today when I came back from meeting a friend at Brad’s there were three kids sitting on my house’s [542 W 114th, formerly known as Pike Psi U] stoop (not unusual). When I went to swipe in, I let the girl in because she said she wanted to meet a friend. I followed her up the stairs (I live on the fourth floor), and when she realized I was walking up all the way she turned around.

I asked her if she needed help and she asked me if this was a sorority house. When I responded in the negative, she asked me if I knew a specific person to which I also responded ”No”. She started to walk downstairs and I went up to my room to put my stuff away, when I heard the door open and close I went back down to make sure that she had left. Instead of her leaving she had let her two friends inside the house.

I saw one of the two guys on the second floor and when he saw me he walked into the bathroom. Closing the door halfway, and (I assume) hiding, I opened the door and asked him if he needed help. He asked me if this was a sorority house (no), then if it was a frat house (no) and then if I knew a specific person (no). Afterward I asked him if he needed something and he asked if he could use the bathroom. I told him he could use the more public one on the first floor.

Then, feeling weird about all of this, I waited one floor up until I heard the door open and close. Walking downstairs I saw the three of them outside the house walking towards Broadway.

I thought it was bizarre but I just figured they were weird freshman (the girl said she lived in john jay in our short interaction). I told my friends about it and they said that there had been laptop thefts recently. I later saw one of them sitting on the stoop of a different brownstone further down the street.”


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  1. Jesper

    Check your dictionary for "related" vs. "correlated."

  2. Anonymous  

    people are stupid, news at 11.

  3. Anonymous

    Someone slept through to correlation versus causation lecture.

  4. Trololololol  

    omg this is so funny

    now watch me get robbed blind

  5. laptops?  

    i thought they only used typewriters at ADP

  6. Anonymous

    That's why people carry weapons, to gun down the thief.

  7. ooomgggg you guysssss


  8. ...  

    "lock your fucking doors"?

  9. Anonymous  

    the old pike house is 536. 542 is the old Psi U house.

  10. just lock your door

    You probably use your keys 2-3 times a day. Each time you'd use them it would take about 3 seconds of your time. Around 200 days on campus a year means you've saved 30 minutes but leave yourself open to $1000+ of theft. Even if you use your keys 5 times a day, take 5 seconds each time and live on campus every day for 4 years you've only saved 10hrs.

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