Digital Stress Relief: Draw in the Snow!

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It’s finals season, and you probably can’t help but compare this year’s experience with previous years—was I better prepared? Did I just have a lighter courseload? Hey, when did I stop getting laid?

If you’re anything like Bwog, you also miss another fundamental institution often associated with finals: snow. So instead of studying for that 1004 final, we threw together and present to you the following way to relieve a little stress and play in the snow, if only digitally. So draw something below! Go wild! If you make a creation you’re particularly proud of, take a screenshot and share it in the comments.

Digital canvas via Drew Gereats

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  1. Anonymous  

    thanks for making my night, bwog

  2. Anonymous  

    Actually fantastic.

  3. Anonymous  

    I giggled while working at the desk at Avery

  4. Anonymous  

    "this digital canvas thing sucks. is my trackpad broken?? ......... oh..."
    well played, bwog. well played.

  5. yummm  

    i made mine ebony.

  6. Anonymous  

    aw, bwog, you made me cum in low.

  7. Anonymous  

    does anyone else notice the lack of tarps on the lawns?

  8. Nonymouso

    Hahah....very nice :)

  9. Anonymous

    Really and truly LOL'd. Seriously Bwog, this was amazing. Still laughing actually. I was trying SO hard with my stupid trackpad to get the lines going the right way. I was actually getting frustrated for a moment. Oh god I'm so tired.

  10. yesss  

    Bwog I love you!!!!

  11. Anonymous

    Where's the last episode of the hardcore, you filthy cocksuckers?!

  12. credit where credit is due  

    david hu is a baller

  13. Anonymous  

    cockblock IRL - genius tag. simply genius.

  14. Anonymous  

    You read my mind, Bwog!

  15. Am I too Columbian or  

    is it bad that my first instinct was to draw a snow penis on the steps anyway?

  16. Anonymous  

    it's snowing cumdrops!

  17. but i was already  

    trying to draw a penis!

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