Last Chance to Live and Learn

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Dearest First Years,

The infamous shaft

By this time next year, most of you will be in McBain. Now, McBain is great! Unlike last year, you won’t have to weigh the principal disadvantage of Carman (the roommate) against that of John Jay (dirty floor bathrooms). McBain gives you both in a beautiful building that hasn’t been renovated since was “recently” renovated in  2005. Alternatively, you could make haste to get the LLC application and RA recommendation done by NOON TOMORROW. You have 24 hours. Whatever your decision, we wish you well.


Planning ahead via columbia.edu

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  1. Hamlet  

    […] The spirit that I have seen
    May be the devil: and the devil hath power
    To assume a pleasing shape; yea, McBain!

  2. LLC Lover  

    Offense taken at the third tag. I'll have you know that almost half of the condoms in our suite bathroom are gone.

    Actually most of them became waterballoons but that's just the crazy kind of fun we get up to in the LLC!

  3. LLC Lover  

    But seriously, it's by far the best option for sophomores, especially if you want a single. I have 130 square feet of primo living space, a view of the south lawn, awesome sophomore suitemates and mostly tolerable freshman who I occasionally associate with.

    Plus you can get freshman to do shit for you. They still love jjs so you can have them bring you food. They have tons of meal swipes so you can also make them swipe you in when you give up on your dream of cooking for yourself. Also if you buy them booze they love you forever. Sure you have to listen to the vom every once and a while, but that's the kind of learning you get from hard core living.

  4. Former LLC resident  

    The LLC is social suicide. True, there will be so little going on that you will have lots of time to all day and may do better for it but when you look back on your college years you will realize how not worth it it was. McBain may be a little gross but that's part of the fun and you'll have a great time. Plus Butler is still close enough that you can go there whenever you actually need to work.

  5. Former RA  

    Remember how in world history in high school you learned about how in Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany they managed to get people to turn their families and neighbors into the administration when they did things which the government didn't want. Imagine that but if you don't turn in your neighbors you get in trouble yourself. That's right, give your friends break when they smoke weed in their room after their midterm and you could find yourself losing housing. If you're poor enough that the free housing makes that much of a difference you're probably getting some housing aid anyways.

  6. Anonymous  

    Weren't LLC applications due on Monday?

  7. Curious Frosh  

    So, what's so bad about McBain? Is it just hysteria more than anything? I went there, and other than the shaft and the fact you have to use hall bathrooms, is it that much different than Carman? I saw clean carpets and good lighting when I was on the second floor, which is more than Carman has right now. I just honestly want to know why people say it is bad? Help por favor?

  8. Anonymous  

    I just used way to many damn "?" -____- i feel like Jillian from Family Guy.

  9. Anonymous  

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA I fucking died. thanks for the title bwog. It's awesome.

  10. Live in McBizz  

    Try to live on the upper floors, nice fake wood floors, tall ceilings, no mice. Kitchen sucks, bathrooms (if you are guy) are pretty good since you have more showers than the girls.

    P.s. Don't live in the Lobster Love Center

  11. Anonymous  

    If McBain is so awful, then what are the better options for sophomore housing?

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