Some Returning Barnardians May Be Out $11k

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Barnard has a severe housing shortage. On Wednesday, residents learned that Plimpton rooms which in the spring were singles will this fall be doubles. Today, a student forwarded us an email from Barnard Res Life explaining that Barnard students returning from leave, and possibly transfers as well, may not get on-campus housing at all—may be forced into apartments, or the 92 St. Y, or the Brandon Residency for Women.

What does that mean for students returning from leave and transfers who are on financial aid? According to a commenter, “Barnard gives out housing grants to cover the cost of housing and meals. If you decide you don’t want to live on campus, that grant does not transfer over to cover tuition costs or is expendable for off-campus housing. You just lose 11g’s.”

We contacted the director of Barnard’s financial aid office as well as the associate dean and assistant director of Barnard Res Life; all three were out.

However, we did read the below on Barnard Res Life’s Off-Campus page. As of now, we’re unsure whether students technically “chose” to live off-campus by giving up their housing guarantee when they went on leave.

Please note that students who choose to live off-campus are subject to a “commuter” instead of a “residential” financial aid budget (which can result in a difference of $11,000 of available aid). Students who are thinking of living off-campus are strongly encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss how it could affect their financial aid package.

And this sentence below adds up to a catch-22, at least for the transfer students:

[S]tudents receive a guarantee of housing only if they continue to live on-campus.

One nasty irony from another nook of Barnard Res Life’s site:

Barnard College considers the residential experience to be an integral part of a student’s total education. Students who live on campus have a more productive and more satisfying college experience than those who live off campus. Research over the past 40 years indicates that college students who live on campus are more likely to [do better in a bevy of ways].

We’re bothering more people over the phone and by email; hopefully we’ll get a statement from Barnard Res Life and Financial Aid today, rather than Monday.

N.B. On-campus housing is not guaranteed for Barnard students returning for leave or for transfer students.

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  1. CC11

    man I have really got to stop reading bwog.

  2. Anonymous  

    hey cool my comment's in the article

  3. Anonymous

    It looks like the 'Love' guy and 'Hallelujah' guy are gonna get some new neighbors.

  4. Anonymous

    but transfers rarely get financial aid anyways...

  5. Anonymous

    Should have applied to Columbia....

  6. BC '15

    As a student who JUST got off the wait list who pays full tuition, i have to say, fuck barnard. More than hateful Bwog comments, this makes me wish I didn't go to Barnard, which was once my dream school.

  7. Anonymous

    I agree with BC 15. Students returning from medical leave did not choose to leave school, they had to, and to lose housing as a returning senior to incoming transfers is just unacceptable.

  8. the obvious solution...


  9. Anonymous

    Why is Barnard still taking anyone off the wait list? This is insane. No school should be.

  10. Barnard should take care of the students.

    A school situated in New York City simple cannot drop this on students so very soon to the the beginning of classes. This cannot be affecting many students; Barnard ought to take care of its students by helping them find an apartment and eating part of the cost.

    A university saying that it is looking for five or ten apartments would be much better than five or ten students cast out into the city possibly without cosigners and probably without a paycheck,.

  11. Anonymous

    I've got ya back (and I'm BC '13 for the record). I'm really sorry to hear about your situation with housing, and even more sorry to hear that it has so negatively impacted your experience at BC. If it's any consolation, I know that as soon as we all get back to school there will be huge scene/protest about it. I know that there's probably nothing that can make anyone feel better about this, but still...

    • Anonymous

      oops that was in response to BC '15 again

    • Anonymous

      "HUGE" scene/protest against administrative abuse? Don't know where you were when barnard got away with the part-time after-the-fact bs because students were basically afraid to fight it in any serious way if it affected them, and didnt care about it if it didnt. Sounds like we go to a different barnard, sadly.

      • Anonymous

        hey, listen. i was just trying to offer some support to a fellow classmate who is in a shitty situation right now. i find it absurd that another barnard student would be so quick to criticize what i am saying. yeah, i get your point but seriously if you have a problem with the culture of the school, or the way things are run - maybe it's time that you take the lead and do something about it (or anyone else who is reading this)

    • Anonymous

      If there's going to be any protesting, they'll probably lock down the whole school again..even though last time people just congregated in the Diana. I don't really know what will happen if there is an actual protest...

  12. Hey Guys

    There's always The Greystone, which offers boutique hotel style living on the Upper West Side at 91st and Broadway. Student Rentals from $2,125

  13. GS  

    No money, a series of bad decisions and a shamefully half-baked solution. Did Barnard merge with GS in the offseason? Ladies I feel your pain

  14. Anonymous

    I blame the Vag.

    $45 million??

  15. 18th Century Troll

    Maybe it's time for the poverty-stricken woman to marry the 258 year old billionaire?

  16. Anonymous

    Admins are probably going to deal with this just because it looks so bad. They've never been particularly responsive and the school basically shuts down over the summer.

    Also, don't know how Barnard does it, but at Columbia I lived off campus and they still gave me credit for housing. They give you a fixed block if you qualify, which is a few thousand less than the most expensive Columbia housing, and if you can show you're not living at home than they say you need that block still and you'll get it back in your refund. I was supposed to show a lease but I never did and I still got my money. I'm full ride, by the way, and it costs less to live off campus as long as you can get enough money up front for deposits and broker fees.

    (I also graduated in December and Columbia keeps giving me 24k financial aid and then charging me 24k in tuition every term, which I've tried to fix and have eventually just accepted since it costs me nothing.)

    But seriously, it's probably fine. The person who will tell you they won't charge extra is probably just on vacation and everyone else is too lazy to find the person actually in charge. If there's not been a mention of something in a week, then you should start freaking out.

  17. Anonymous

    I'm on my way to get "fuck res life" tattooed on my ass

  18. Anonymous

    We should print bumper stickers and post these flyers around campus

  19. Anonymous

    do you think i'd embarrass myself with such cheap housing

  20. Anonymous

    I actually talked to Barnard Fin Aid about this last semester when I was thinking about moving off campus. She gave me the bad news about losing grant money for housing if you move off campus voluntarily, but she did mention that Barnard has run out of housing (as they have this year) in the past and that when this happens they DO still give grant money for housing. These students will still be burdened by finding an apartment on such short notice and may have to pay a little extra if they find housing more expensive than Barnards, but they should still get their financial aid for housing. Not a great situation but not as bad as you made it seem.

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