People Continue To See/Hear Things

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NSOP may have come to an official close, but the orientation is only beginning for some. Luckily for you guys, we’ll be documenting it through tipsters’ submissions to our Overseen/heard Contest. Don’t forget to vote for your favorites in the comments! Here’s the next batch of the best of the best…

A true Columbian welcome, from Liz:

A lesson in stats, from an Anonymous tipster: 

“He asked me how I scored on my APs, so I just told him that I got 4 1s.” Then he was like, ‘Whoaaaa, how did you get in here?’”

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey! That's the black bra I found on the sidewalk Sunday morning outside of the Law School. I thought is belonged to an Asian girl but she said no, so I hung it on the fence near the dorm.

  2. Anonymous

    That is mine. Now my man boobs are drooping all over. How embarrassing.

  3. Anonymous

    I'm surprised that sign isn't set in Trajan.

  4. Anonymous  

    DUDE. i put that there! saw that shit on the ground so i hung it up on the sign hoping to traumatize the parents helping their kids move in lol

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