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We’re still running our contest for NSOP Overheards (and Overseens! but no one has sent any pictures yet) and these are another batch of the best submissions. Because we’re sure that people don’t only say funny things during NSOP, we’re going to run the contest through this week until next Sunday. Reminder: the first prize is a set of LitHum books (we’ll figure something out for upperclassmen) from good ‘ol Book Culture.

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Sent from Haley S.’s iPad:

Overheard coming out of John Jay: “dude, I beat five girls in rock paper scissors last night!”

Just the tip from Laura H.T.

At the consent workshop, coming up (no pun intended) with ways to proposition someone. One group has a Harry Potter fetish:

“I’ll show you 9 3/4.”

A trio of overheards from Anonymous:

Girl 1: I took 20 AP classes.
Girl 2: What? I could only take 12 at my school, that’s not fair!
Guy: I only took six…
Guy: I really admire science people, like people who are sciency are just really smart
Guy: We read Medea, we read Shakespeare, we read The Great Gatsby…
Girl: That’s my favorite book!
Everyone in a 5 yard vicinity: Whoa, me too!

A different way to keep sex sexy, from Bernardo S.H.

“…it was super awkward cause the following morning he was in my Keeping Sex Sexy workshop.”

Imagine if Koronet’s were French, from Robbie L.

Jock on phone outside Broadway: “Dude, are you going to Koronay? Koronay! It’s a pizza place! Massive slices…”

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  1. Anonymous  

    asparaguses are easy to cook...just blanch them in water

  2. Anonymous  

    Overheard in Lerner Lobby just now:
    Girl 1: "Oh, we're reading Machiavelli! I'm so excited, but only because of Tupac"
    Girl 2: "I know, right?!"
    Girl 1: "He's coming back... (breaks into rambling Tupac conspiracy diatribe worthy of tin foil hat and wikipedia entry)

  3. Ay bay bay  

    Enchanté, meet me at Koronay.

  4. I smiled

    at the 9 3/4 one and the gatsby one.

  5. The Cloaked Shadow  

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    Please find out more at

    spec sucks . word press . com

  6. Anonymous  

    Koronay: uttered by christian vivadelli, swimmer cc'16

  7. DEE TRAIN  

    KORONAY! ROTFLMFAO! I just tinkled a bit in my jammies! Le Koronay, Le Duwan Rayad, Le Ritay Ayid, Le Pinnoclay....

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