Bwoglines: Columbia Rejoice Edition

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what a pretty campus <3

Looking good by comparison, Columbia

PrezBo will become the most senior Ivy President at the end of this year, after 2 other Ivy Presidents step down. Since he took office in 2002, he only needs to serve until 2046 to beat Nicholas Murray Butler’s record of 43 years.  (Spectator)

Some other university’s chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha is in the spotlight today after use of an alcohol enema unfortunately caused a student to be hospitalized. Not sure their hijinks can top Operation Ivy League though. (CNN)

Apparently college students aren’t spending as much money at bars as they used to, favoring pregaming coordinated through social media instead. Also, the Cornell students in this article have embarrassed us all. (NYT)

Beware of NYU students getting it on in Butler. Their reporters paid us a visit and found Butler beautiful, only slightly depressing, and ideal for sex. (NYULocal)

Football fans have an extra reason to be happy today because the NFL ref lockout is over! (Chicago Tribune)

 Sheer beauty via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. cc '15

    good links! thanks for this distraction during work

  2. 2014  

    Reading that NYU article about Butler just gave me this surge of pride. I love Columbia! We are so lucky to be here!

  3. Anonymous

    Those Cornell kids make me so ashamed to be a female ivy leaguer

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