Sandy Floods Downtown, Breaks Windows On Campus

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Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, there’s currently massive flooding in lower Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn, with streets turned into rivers in the financial district, the East Village, Ground Zero, and Red Hook. Power plants are exploding and almost all of Manhattan south of 39th street has lost power. One building on 14th street was even torn apart.

Here in Morningside Heights, we’ve been pretty lucky. Some lights have flickered and rain has leaked through ceilings and windows in EC, but no one’s lost power and the streets have not (yet) flooded. The worst damage so far has been these shattered windows in Wien Lounge.

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  1. CC '13  

    shit just got real

  2. Anonymous  

    stay safe everyone!!

  3. Anonymous  

    the end of the world has come. blame gangnam style.

  4. blah

    just let spectrum take care of the hurricane coverage already

  5. Anonymous  

    Spec said they're not going to press tomorrow. Where's the Dark Hand? Surely I thought I'd see him/her running victory laps...

  6. Robert Ying

    Actually, the Facebook, Wikipedia, and CNN servers for this area are in lower Manhattan... so I would assume that the actual cause would be the lack of power over there.

    Or maybe it's a Republican plot... since Fox is still up.

  7. Ko

    It feels nice to have a smoke and sip some whiskey on SIPA's terrace and be one with mother nature...

  8. T___T  

    I'm never going to finish this paper

  9. the diana  

    upper floors of plimpton were shaking a lil at about 8

    scary shit

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