#Hurricane Sandy
Defy. Deconstruct. Dare.

Bring tomatoes just in case some sort of Rite of Spring premiere riot happens

Tonight at 7 pm in the John Jay Lounge, musicians from Columbia and Juilliard aim to melt your brains.  They will be playing classical music in new and exciting ways, changing your perspective on what this music is like.  Given the concert’s title, we can bet you’re gonna leave inspired and feeling kick-ass.  In addition to giving music, they will be giving aid.  Audience members are urged to bring a can of food to be donated to victims of Hurricane Sandy.  Be a buddy and do something good.

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Morningside Almanac: Week of 11/15

Help out hurricane victims this Sunday!

Well, it’s that time of week again — time to stock up your cupboards with delicious locally-farmed food. The Columbia market is open year-round on Sundays and Thursdays and as always, accepts credit, debit, and EBT.

  • Thanksgiving week schedule change - The market will be open Sunday, November 18 and Tuesday, November 20. The market will be closed the day of Thanksgiving. Come on out to do your holiday shopping, and make your Thanksgiving a local one!
  • There will be NO FOOD SCRAPS COLLECTION this Sunday. But food scraps ARE being collected at Union Square and Inwood Greenmarkets. Visit http://www.grownyc.org/compost for more information.
  • There WILL BE textile recycling as usual, on Sunday from 8am to 3pm.
  • Sunday, November 18: Donate-a-Bag: Want to lend a hand to those affected by Hurricane Sandy, but don’t know how? We’re taking food donations at the market! Buy a little extra as you’re shopping with your favorite farmers, and drop it off at our Donate a Bag station. Support your farmers, help your fellow city dweller; it’s a win-win! We are collecting apples, pears, potatoes, onions, carrots, hearty greens, and bread. Visit http://www.grownyc.org/blog/donate-a-bag/ for more information.

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Drinking With Bwog: Stuck In Morningside Heights

Sandy: back to get you

Some of you may have had your flights to the Bahamas cancelled. Others may not be able to head home to Westchester thanks to Bloomberg’s carpooling. Or you may have been banking on a night downtown, which is now underwater. Either way, MoHi is looking like the only viable option for your drinking portion of the week. Here’s how to make the best of it — or how to venture bravely south.

For Those Admitting Defeat: The Hurricane (Sandy)


  • 2 oz light rum
  • 2 oz dark rum
  • 2 oz passion fruit juice
  • 1 oz orange juice
  • juice of a half a lime
  • 1 tbsp simple syrup
  • 1 tbsp grenadine
  • orange slice/cherry any fresh/non-fresh fruit you may have for a garnish


  1. Squeeze juice from half a lime into cocktail shaker over ice.
  2. Pour the remaining ingredients into the cocktail shaker.
  3. Shake well.
  4. Strain into a hurricane glass cup
  5. Garnish with a cherry and an orange slice whatever vaguely fresh fruit you have

Time to up the stakes.

Overheard: Relaxing with Sandy

At least you’re ready for the next apocalypse…

The latest in small talk, overheard by a tipster at Starbucks:


“How was your hurrication?”


Nothing rejuvenates the soul quite like not leaving your building for two days (although you don’t necessarily need a hurricane for that).

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Bwoglines: Polarized Edition
Not Ethiopia

Tatooine is a different type of sandy.

Things are slowly getting back to normal up here. Starting today, we can all ride our favorite subway line, the trusty 1, between 242nd St (Bronx) and Times Square-42nd Street. (NY Observer)

For others, though, Sandy continues to have huge economic impacts.(TIME)

On one side of the world, semi-crazy former Megaupload CEO Kim Dotcom gets ready to launch a new file-sharing website, Mega.(BBC)

On the other side of the world, kids in a remote Ethiopian village who have been given laptops have quickly learned to use them. (MIT Technology Review)

And, of course, the potential for new Star Wars movie(s) has provoked a wide range of reactions, both from the fans and former stars. (ABC, EW)

Farthest planet from the center of the universe via Shutterstock

Baker Field: Before and After

Late on Monday night, buffeted by the winds of Sandy, some curiously adventurous lightweight crew members biked up to Baker Field and witnessed some intense flooding (not deep enough to row in, by the looks of it). They returned to Baker for practice this morning and snapped another picture for comparison. In their words: YOSO (you only Sandy once).

During the flooding

Receding waters

Bwoglines: Double, Double Toil and Trouble Edition

Not The Nightmare Before Christmas, but close

This Halloween comes bearing news of more destruction and sadness in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Our friends at NYU, many without power, are faced with evacuating their dorms and will not have class for the remainder of the week. (NYU Local)

For a more global perspective, 70 people in the Caribbean died in the storm, and now Haiti and other nations must combat food insecurity from destroyed crops. (BBC)

Sandy has also grounded passengers and delayed flights throughout the northeast. If you were planning on flying out of LaGuardia for fall break, you may have to sit around campus not doing homework for another five days. (Washington Post)

For everyone who is upset about cancelled Halloween activities, Heidi Klum has rather brilliant Tim Burton-ish idea—she postponed her famous Halloween bash in favor of a haunted Christmas party. (Gothamist, USA Today)

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We Have Class Tomorrow :(

Update, 5:40 pm: Barnard will also have class tomorrow.

According to an email from Columbia’s Emergency Management Operations Team, we (undergrads and most grad students) have class tomorrow! The reason? “Our students will only benefit by beginning to reengage in the purposeful work that brings our University community—and our City—together each day.”

The med school, School of Public Health, School of Continuing Education, School of the Arts, UTS, and Teachers College all canceled classes. (Barnard has not announced whether classes are canceled, but it’s likely they’re not.) NYU canceled classes, there’s still no public transit, and NYC public schools and libraries are closed. And yet, we have class. But look on the bright side: in two days, it’ll be Fall Break.

Full statement from EMOT

Overseen: It’s All Going to Be OK, Guys

Sandy barely even ruffled her feathers.

Like the proverbial dove with olive branch, Hawkma has emerged resplendent after the storm. Bwog couldn’t have asked for a better omen.

Courtesy of freshpeople on JJ13

After the Storm: What’s Open?

After surviving last night’s storm/Facebook being down, you’re probably ready to venture outside to assess the damage.  While we were lucky in Morningside Heights, some locations remain closed.  Check back for further updates!

Closed: Amir’s, Starbucks, Uni Cafe, Liz’s Place, Crumbs, Havana Central, Brad’s, Cafe 212, Cafe East, Butler Cafe, Camille’s, Community, Mill, Le Monde, Pinkberry, Nussbaum & Wu, Chipotle, Five Guys, 1020, Bistro 1018

“SEVERE WEATHER UPDATE: Please disregard the “What’s Open Now” sidebar.  John Jay Dining Hall will be the only dining unit open Wednesday, October 31st and Thursday, November 1st from 8am to 8pm, and Friday, November 2nd from 8am to 2pm.  All meal plan and non-meal plan students/staff (pay cash or credit card) are accepted.” – Columbia Dining

Luckily, most places are open!

  • Campo
  • Mel’s
  • The Heights
  • Tap A Keg
  • Abbey (opens at 4)
  • Lion’s Head
  • Cannons
  • Pourhouse
Restaurants and Cafes: 
  • Hungarian Pastry Shop
  • Deluxe
  • Tom’s
  • Koronet’s
  • Roti-Roll
  • Taquiera
  • Thai Market
  • Silver Moon
  • Oren’s
  • Vine
  • Tea Magic
  • Ollie’s
Call Your Parents!

We made it!

Take a moment to appreciate our safety up in Morningside Heights as word comes in of more damage around New York and New Jersey.  That said, all of the media coverage is showing horrible conditions in the city, so Bwog wants to reiterate a point from KevSho’s most recent hurricane update: tell your family you are alright! We’re still mostly stranded on the island, but drinking water is fine. The subways are being assessed today and may be up in 4-5 days, with the 2 and 3 flooded. Public schools are again closed tomorrow, but no word yet on Columbia’s classes. Sadly, Halloween is canceled–but Christie’s doing work and it will be rescheduled.

Update: A list has been made of what’s open on the Upper West Side.  Add your Columbia-centric findings in the comments!  (Note: Don’t get your hopes up about Starbucks)

Full message from Shollenberger below

Sandy Takes Down Facebook, Wikipedia, and CNN—But Only For Columbians

Update, 1:30 am: Facebook, CNN, and Wikipedia are now back up!

Try going to Facebook. Now try CNN and Wikipedia. If you’re in a Columbia-owned building, it’s likely that none of these websites will load. But the websites themselves aren’t down. If you try them from a non-Columbia IP or from your phone (once you turn off WiFi), they load just fine.

For some reason, these websites (and possibly others) are apparently only blocked on the Columbia network. Since we stopped being able to access them earlier tonight, we’ll assume it has something to do with Hurricane Sandy, rather than CUIT deciding to block a bunch of popular websites for no reason.

We’ll try to reach out to the powers in the morning and let you know what we find out. In the meantime, let us know if you find other websites that are currently blocked at Columbia.

Literal firewall via Shutterstock

Sandy Floods Downtown, Breaks Windows On Campus

Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, there’s currently massive flooding in lower Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn, with streets turned into rivers in the financial district, the East Village, Ground Zero, and Red Hook. Power plants are exploding and almost all of Manhattan south of 39th street has lost power. One building on 14th street was even torn apart.

Here in Morningside Heights, we’ve been pretty lucky. Some lights have flickered and rain has leaked through ceilings and windows in EC, but no one’s lost power and the streets have not (yet) flooded. The worst damage so far has been these shattered windows in Wien Lounge.

Doomsday: In Picture Form

We don’t feel like reading/writing words either.  Enjoy this gallery! And then check out all our Hurricane Sandy coverage.

And don’t worry, we called the bars for you.

1020: “We’re open.”  Don’t know how late, but as long as they can be.
The Heights: Open till 2 am
Mel’s: Bar open all night, kitchen closed.  Answered the phone “Mel’s Burger Bar, are you under water?”
Cannons: Kitchen closed, bar open till midnight
Abbey: Giddily open all night, regular hours.  They’re having a pumpkin carving contest tonight!
Tap A Keg: Already too packed to hear anything.  Think we heard “open till 4″?
Lion’s Head: Not picking up :(
Village Pourhouse: Open, “shooting till 10″

Profs Admit Defeat!

All across campus people rejoice at the receipt of emails from sullen professors. Essays are pushed back and classes are cancelled. A dastardly few, however, plan to force students to attend “online seminars” through Courseworks or some such wizardry.

From some of our fav professors:

Lit Hum: I’m holed up in my apartment with my research, your midterms, and a slow-cooker full of vegetarian chili, and I’m more than willing to write emails back and forth to you

Julie Crawford: Classes are indeed canceled. Papers however can be delivered to a safe house upstate. Just kidding.

Dean Awn: As you may or may not know, New York is paralyzed by any kind of vaguely extreme weather event. That kind of weather is supposed to occur only in Oklahoma, which, in some sense, deserves it. Yes, New Yorkers are wimps; yes we are pathetic, arrogant blowhards…but we are always very trendy, which is much more important.

Creative Writing Department: The weather outside is supposed to be frightful / I hope where you are is delightful

Puccini & the 20th Century: Stay dry! And if you find yourselves stranded in Brooklyn without an adequate supply of red wine and protein bars, feel free to let me know.

And the worst: Since tomorrow’s lecture has also been canceled, you will need to submit your midterm exam online via the Courseworks site for our class.

Defeat via Shutterstock