Sandy Takes Down Facebook, Wikipedia, and CNN—But Only For Columbians

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Update, 1:30 am: Facebook, CNN, and Wikipedia are now back up!

Try going to Facebook. Now try CNN and Wikipedia. If you’re in a Columbia-owned building, it’s likely that none of these websites will load. But the websites themselves aren’t down. If you try them from a non-Columbia IP or from your phone (once you turn off WiFi), they load just fine.

For some reason, these websites (and possibly others) are apparently only blocked on the Columbia network. Since we stopped being able to access them earlier tonight, we’ll assume it has something to do with Hurricane Sandy, rather than CUIT deciding to block a bunch of popular websites for no reason.

We’ll try to reach out to the powers in the morning and let you know what we find out. In the meantime, let us know if you find other websites that are currently blocked at Columbia.

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  1. HELL NAW  

    still can't get to facebook or wikipedia on my phone

    • Anonymous  

      Shut off wifi on your phone so you're on your data network and you'll have no problem. Also, friends on time Warner and fios both have no problem getting on fb. Seems likely they are throttling high traffic sites. They should announce an action like that.

  2. Van Owen  

    Thank god taint-painting dot com is still up

  3. Stay Calm and Carry On

    A chunk of traffic routing & network capacity has been knocked offline due to Sandy related power outages. Things will be wonky for a while until things can be rerouted and perhaps power restored.

  4. Robert Ying

    Wikipedia is down for people outside of NY... so not too sure what the root cause is here.

  5. Anonymous  

    Is hamdel open?

  6. The Dark Hand  

    If only Sandy were to take down spec...

  7. Anonymous  

    Using a proxy server (like this or any of these ) works for accessing Facebook +wikipedia + cnn.

    It's not really secure so be careful logging into facebook, there are more involved/more secure ways of going about it if you google it.

  8. Anonymous  

    everything is back up.

    • Anonymous  

      Wow they sure fixed those cooling centers and routing switches in a hurry!
      Bwog you're one step away from a post-grad gig with channel 7 on your side helping the little people solve problems. Story up 20 minutes and web is fixed. Impressive work...

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