Update, 1:30 am: Facebook, CNN, and Wikipedia are now back up!

Try going to Facebook. Now try CNN and Wikipedia. If you’re in a Columbia-owned building, it’s likely that none of these websites will load. But the websites themselves aren’t down. If you try them from a non-Columbia IP or from your phone (once you turn off WiFi), they load just fine.

For some reason, these websites (and possibly others) are apparently only blocked on the Columbia network. Since we stopped being able to access them earlier tonight, we’ll assume it has something to do with Hurricane Sandy, rather than CUIT deciding to block a bunch of popular websites for no reason.

We’ll try to reach out to the powers in the morning and let you know what we find out. In the meantime, let us know if you find other websites that are currently blocked at Columbia.

Literal firewall via Shutterstock