RoomHop: A Very Merry Workshop

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We sent Bwog’s decoration devotee Roberta Barnett to check out Columbia’s own North Pole in EC. She wasn’t disappointed with her findings:

Only the beginning

It’s finals holiday season, and the days (and nights in Butler) are full of warmth and brightness and clichés!  For those of us who haven’t stopped studying except maybe to check Bwog, shower, or drink coffee, we may have forgotten the upcoming celebratory season altogether.  However, the smell of gingerbread and exchanging gifts is very much on the minds of others.

For roommates Alyssa Cannizzaro and Amanda Howland, both CC ’15, this time of year is like no other; they’ve decked the halls out their EC double from floor to ceiling this holiday season.  Simply walking by the room is a festive experience, as a box of candy and a wreath hang upon the door.  Enter, and the level of holiday cheer only escalates; there are lights around the windows, decals on every wall, a tree, wrapping paper, and holiday figurines galore!

The pair, Carman suitemates last year, decided to live together again.  When it came time to decorate for the holiday season, there wasn’t a doubt that they would go all out.  “We’re festive people,” Amanda explained.

The decorations are an accumulation of pieces from past Christmases as well as trips to Party City and discount craft stores, and although neither of the ladies have kept track of the amount they’ve spent on decor, “our parents are very supportive,” they agreed.

So far, the room hasn’t hosted too many holiday events, but there are some planned for the future.  “We watched Love Actually,” Amanda said.  “We’re probably going to have a Secret Santa exchange too.”

Like Santa Claus, after the celebrations are done, life turns back to normal. The two won’t channel their festive intensity again until the following year.  “I’ve always liked decorating,” Alyssa said, “but it’s just Christmas [for us].”

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  1. Anonymous

    This is so adorable! Alyssa and Amanda are so crafty and awesome!!


    these bitches have some amazing ideas. i'm just saying. wish i was bffles with them.

  3. Anonymous  

    There's an even more festive suite on Carman 11. You should check that one out.

  4. Love Actually DVD...  

    it's perfect!

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