cmon prezbo, put on the hat

Imagine your teacher wearing this, it will make you feel better

We’re not sure about you, but Bwog woke up this morning thinking 2013 would be different. We had high hopes that everything we wanted would come with this new year and all our wishes would be fulfilled. And then we checked SSOL, and grades were still missing. 2013 has come, and nothing has changed.

In the spirit of looking to the past, we’re bringing back an old tradition and calling out teachers who have yet to post grades, nearly two weeks after the last day of exams (when grades are allegedly due). Perhaps with this call we can enact change and get our grades, so we can send out updated resumes for summer jobs stop caring about 2012 already.

Leave yours in the comments and we’ll update the post as grades come in.

Lee Bollinger, Freedom of Speech and Press

David Reichman, General Chemistry I

Saskia Sassen, Global Urbanism

Andrew Nathan, Intro to Human Rights

Patricia Lindemann,Experimental Psych

Marianne Giordani, Military Literature

Jill Shapiro, Human Species

Timothy Frye, Intro to Comparative Politics

Seyhan Arkonac, Intro to Econometrics

Andrew Delbanco, Foundations of American Lit

Dunce cap via Shutterstock