Absolute and m2m Back From the Dead

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Someone forgot to double tap.
Someone forgot to double tap.

What Morningside was like while you were away.

Much to the horror of ¬†Columbia students and Morningside residents alike, Absolute Bagels and m2m were both recently shut down by the Health Department. (How could something so delicious be so unsanitary! They’re boiled!) It didn’t take long for things to get back to normal though. Both Absolute and m2m are back up and running! Yes, just like in a B-list zombie flick, they have returned from the grave to bring about 1,000 years of darkness¬†spread a world shattering disease sell cheap food. So get it while it’s hot and just try to ignore the lingering smell of rat urine wafting in from the back of the building! Ignorance is bliss, folks.

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  1. Anonymous

    I'm going to wait in line outside tomorrow morning for my traditional Sunday morning bagel and pretend this never happened.

  2. anon  

    Bwog is not funny anymore :(

  3. lazy college senior  

    strikethrough. ugh.

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