Earlier tonight, the Spectator reported that an unidentified Greek organization would lose its charter because of a hazing incident. Details concerning the nature of the infraction and the specific organization have not yet been disclosed by administrators or the Inter-Greek Council, though one commenter speculated that it was Zeta Beta Tau.

Columbia defines hazing as an action or situation “that causes embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule” and that “risks emotional and/or physical harm,” and hazing can be a class A misdemeanor in the state of New York.

Bwog is currently contacting administrators and Greek Life leaders to gather more information on this incident. If you have any relevant information, e-mail us at tips@bwog.com.

Update, 11:45 pm: According to someone who attended Greek officer training, no representatives from ZBT were present. All Greek organizations on campus are supposed to send representatives to the training.

Update, 1 am: A commenter claims (and sources confirm) that ZBT actually was at Greek officer/leadership training.

Update, 2/7 12:40 pm: Spec has received confirmation that the Greek organization is, in fact, ZBT.  However, they will be appealing the decision.