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The brothers of ZBT, in March of 2013

The brothers of ZBT, in March of 2013

Zeta Beta Tau has lost its brownstone over what we hear was a party violation. ZBT, the baseball fraternity, was on thin ice after last semester’s still unspecified hazing incident, and would have lost its charter then had KevSho not intervened and reversed the Greek Judicial Board’s recommendation, so long as they adhered to a zero-strike (heh) policy.

And today, an incoming transfer student received a housing assignment  in 627 W 115th St—the former ZBT house. (You will recall that after Operation Ivy League, the former AEPi, Pike, and PsiU houses were used as transfer housing for a year.)

We’re reaching out to the powers that be, and ZBT, for comment. If you know anything, sound the horn at

ZBT brothers via

Update: ZBT’s president told us that he wants to take a few days to think about our questions, but said we should expect to hear from him soon.

Update, 8/13: C’est vrai, mon amis. The party was held on May 4 to celebrate their Ivy League Championship win.  We hear they left some empty kegs out afterward.

Update 2, 8/13: We finally got the same press release Spec did. Here it is. Said release confirms that ZBT did lose the house.

More interesting is that the release cites the ZBT hazing scandal as “a Fall incident which took place at the house that involved and that was initiated by students not affiliated with the fraternity.” That’s consistent with credible rumors that the hazing was carried out by a different sports team.

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  1. Anonymous

    So which frat's gonna pick up the baseball players now?

  2. Dont Assume...  

    Isnt it possible, that perhaps ZBT didnt fill their house this year, so they allowed Housing to place in a random student, who happens to be this transfer student?

    Come on, Bwog. Check your sources. Check your privilege. Think before you post.

  3. Fellow Greek Who Has Dealt With Housing Issues  

    Additionally, there is a chance that ZBT is having trouble finding someone to fill their house. Columbia Housing automatically fills vacancies after a certain point. It is very possible that this student was assigned there for now but, upon ZBT finding one of their own, will have his housing shifted. If the fact that someone got assigned to live there is the only basis for this story, then you have made an overly aggressive claim. I hope for journalistic integrity's sake that you have more information than this.

    • Fellow Greek Who Has Dealt With Housing Issues  

      And if you do have further information you should include it in the article.

      • Completely agree

        Check Spec. The reporting is actually thorough, well-worded, and journalistically sound:

        "Student Affairs and Zeta Beta Tau officials would not deny rumors Wednesday night that Columbia’s ZBT chapter has lost its brownstone.

        Asked about Bwog's unsourced report—posted Wednesday around 6 p.m.—that the University has revoked ZBT's brownstone, Student Affairs spokesperson Katherine Cutler declined to comment. The executive director of ZBT's international organization, Laurence Bolotin, said he couldn't discuss the matter until Friday."

    • Wait wait wait  

      So you're saying that Columbia can assign some unlucky transfer student to live in a frat house if the spot's not filled before the school year?

    • Anonymous

      Bet you feel kind of stupid now don't ya

  4. this'll be funny if it works  

    Destroy all frats

  5. Anon

    The transfer is female, I saw her in our class facebook group. She's also very attractive.

  6. HS

    I definitely wouldn't cry if all frats/sororities disappeared from the campus completely tbh

  7. anonymous

    I am another female incoming transfer student who received a housing assignment in ZBT...

  8. Fellow Greek Who Has Dealt With Housing Issues

    That is exactly what I'm saying. Been told by housing that that's what they would do and also have seen it done.

  9. Seems like a good time  
  10. Anonymous

    Columbia essentially just destroyed the only decent male "big" sports team that they had, no offense to crew, golf, fencing, etc.

  11. Anonymous

    that group is the epitome of tool

  12. What's the point

    of winning the Ivy League Championship if you can't celebrate afterwards? Come on Columbia show a little support for athletics please

  13. Anonymous

    Those guys are good looking.

  14. not typically a frat sympathizer

    but this is ridiculous, of course they might have an unregistered impromptu party after winning the ivy league championship.

    especially considering that their probation was due to hosting somebody else's hazing.

    I usually rag on frats pretty hard but I think we should all really be questioning the administration on this one. they provided a needless reason for more students to resent the university--all for what? the purpose anti-hazing measures is lost if we condemn genuine camaraderie after a victory. ridiculous.

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