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Celebrate the end of NSOP by tying balloons to Alma’s head

Today is the final day of NSOP proper. Congratulations first-years on making it through your first week of Columbia! The coming weeks will be a lot more filled up with work and activities, but for what it’s worth, they’ll probably have a bit less drama. There are still some activities planned, but feel free to take off your wristbands and take a day to lounge around – never underestimate the power of rest.

Sunday’s Highlights:

  • Neigborhood Tours. Today offers the best variety of tours through NYC. In the morning, you can head over to Coney Island and enjoy what meager beaches New York City has to offer. Far from just a beach, Coney Island is also home to Luna Park and the Cyclone. The historic ride has been open since 1927, and while admission to the park is pricey ($35 for a 4-hour pass, plus additional money to ride the Cyclone), Coney Island’s rumbling rides are sure to keep you entertained. In the afternoon, take a trip downtown to sample sweets and only sweets on the Just Desserts tour. If that doesn’t fill your craving, then travel to Chelsea and the High Line park, or see some history on the Greenwich Village LGBTQ tour. At night, go out to the Brooklyn Gate Bridge tour for some wonderful views and a preview of the cold winds New York is about to bring your way.
  • Performance Showcase, 8:30-11:30 p.m., Roone Arledge Auditorium. If you’re interested in performing on campus, there’s no better event than this to get you used to watching a bunch of groups you only sort of care about. “Singing, dancing, acting, and more” will offer first-years a great smattering of all of the different types of performing arts available around Columbia. (P.S. – If you just want to hear a cappella performance, consider waiting until tomorrow’s ACBC A Capella Showcase.)

One Thing To Do Before Graduating: Attend WikiCU’s Wikithon. The website is a font of (occasionally biased) knowledge full of personal bios and links to official Columbia documents. The website depends a lot on seniors trying to write down everything they remember before they graduate, so try to get involved at least once.

From The Archives: Learn from the mistakes of your ancestors. When selling drugs, avoid high-profile drug busts like Operation Ivy League (and while you’re there, get lost in the comments section).

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