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Fuck sticking to the status quo

For all you first years out there, the memories of high school are just a few months old. However, for the rest of us, those days seem long forgotten. So for those of you just arriving on campus who have yet to redefine yourselves, here’s a handy dandy guide to some cool clubs you should consider based on your high school stereotype. 

If you were a theater kid…

If you were a theater kid in high school, odds are you were extroverted, nerdy, loud, and artsy. Unfortunately, theater life at Columbia isn’t super impressive. Because of this (unless you sell out to the Varsity Show), try going for an acapella group or even Columbia University Sketch Show (CUSS). You can keep up that dramatic lifestyle while gaining a little bit of street cred.

If you were a sk8er kid…

Try showing up to an ADP party. Make sure you don’t forget your cigarettes. If my calculations are correct, you’ll fit right in. Your high school self will transition seamlessly into your college self, albeit with a heavier dose of imposter syndrome. You’ll spend most of your time in Brooklyn and start lying about where you’re actually from.

If you were a jock…

You miss Texas but are trying to act cool in the big city.  If you’re not already a football player, consider joining an intramural team. Also consider becoming a stoner, because those are the only fun kinds of athletes. Rush Kappa Delta Rho.

If you were a debate nerd…

Boy have we got the clubs for you! Join Columbia Debate. Columbia International Relations Council and Association (CIRCA). Or even Mock Trial. Buy a nicer suit, grab your encyclopedia, and get ready to make geopolitical problem solving your bitch. You will turn into a stronger, larger, and more capable version of your former self.

If you were in marching band…

Join CUMB. Enough said.

If you were that mysterious sexy outsider whom everybody secretly had a crush on…

You’re probably an incredible writer. You have a lot of personality but sometimes it lies below the surface. You have a very dry sense of humor that some people can’t handle, but you don’t really give a shit, because you know you’re funny. You’re too cool for your hometown and want to make it to New York someday. You should probably join Bwog.

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Burgers go to bed at 1am for the Nard :(

Beginning this school year, Columbia changed its dining hours to provide students on meal plans with 24 hour access to campus dining halls. This created a wave of excitement to students across all four colleges, but Barnard’s complicated bureaucracy has brought limitations to students’ access. We began to hear about Barnard students who attempted to eat JJ’s after 11 pm, but were told that they did not have access. After reaching out to media affairs, we were informed a compromise has just been made to allow students into JJ’s until 1am. A statement has been sent to students clarifying the policy; you can read it below.

Dear Students,

In response to some concerns from your classmates, I want to update you on the status of using your meal plan swipe access at JJ’s Place between 11 p.m.-1 a.m. Each year, Barnard (through our agreement with Aramark) and Columbia both make updates to meal programs, largely based on student feedback. Last year, Barnard added JJ’s Place at Columbia as a swipe location, in addition to opening The Diana Center Student Dining Room for dinner swipes.

This year, the College added guest swipes onto meal plans and Columbia decided to make JJ’s Place a 24-hour location. Based on this change, and in order to be consistent with our dining hall’s late night options, access for Barnard students to J.J.’s Place was planned to end at 11 p.m., when The Diana Center’s late night service ends.

However, based on student feedback, we have worked with Columbia to allow swipes to continue to 1 a.m., as they were last year. We continue to welcome your feedback, and encourage you to reach out to your SGA Food Advisory Board representative at fab@barnard.edu so that we can continue to evaluate changes to the meal plan, based on your needs.

We apologize for any confusion this change may have caused, and do feel free to reach out with any questions.


Gail A. Beltrone
Vice President for Campus Services




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This lobby is about to get really crowded

Every semester, theater nerds and musicians alike count down to one fateful hour: 1 pm on the first Friday of classes, when the Columbia student Ticket and Information Center (affectionately abbreviated “the TIC”) opens its doors. This office sells discounted tickets to a vast number of arts performances in NYC throughout the semester; although all of the events have been listed on the TIC website for several weeks now, all of the most desirable tickets don’t go on sale until 1 pm today.

A line is probably already forming outside the office, in the Lerner lobby just inside the campus entrance. You could get in it now and have a decent chance of securing tickets for the show you want. Or you could take advantage of the TIC’s site: load all of the events you want now, refresh as soon as it hits 1 pm, and fill in your credit card information as fast as you can.

Some of the most notable performances the TIC offers this semester include Dear Evan Hansen (on Wednesday 9/27, Thursday 10/19, Tuesday 11/14, and Thursday 11/16) Come From Away (on Wednesday 10/4 and Wednesday 11/8 ), Kinky Boots (on Tuesday 10/24), the NY Philharmonic’s performances of Bernstein & Rhapsody in Blue (Thursday 11/2) and Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony (Wednesday 12/6), and Swan Lake by the NYC Ballet (Friday 9/29).

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75 has us like

For the first time in at least two years, the annual CU Activities Fair will be taking place on a day that isn’t hot and stanky. Today’s high is 75 with clear skies, which means there is no excuse for why we shouldn’t see you all out there! We’ll be sharing a table with our sibling publication The Blue and White, so look out for our banners and come drop your uni. The fair will take place from 12-4pm on College Walk. Seriously, you won’t be able to miss it.

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When you no longer have a premium-level stock photo account and have to use a free “angry banana” photo

Happening Around the World:  A deadly mag. 8.2 earthquake struck Mexico around 11:50pm local time. Officials issued and later revoked a tsunami warning. (BBC)

Happening in the nation: Betsy DeVos announced at George Mason University yesterday that she is rolling back former President Obama’s rules on title IX and investigating campus sexual assault cases, as it was “unfair to students.” (USA Today)

Happening in NYC: Our sweet precious baby Rafael Nadal will hopefully take all tonight at tonight’s U.S. Open Championship. The match starts in Queens at 5:30; hopefully someone at Mel’s will find it in their heart to put it on for us. (NY Times)

Happening on campus: Today is club fair! Come out to college walk, find our table, and sign up to join Bwog.

Overseen: On day three of school, Ferris was out of bananas. Hmm.





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