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We hope you’ll be holding a gavel soon

After another summer, heading into another semester, many of us have come to a certain stark realization: not only will college not last forever, but also, when we leave this bubble above 114th, we will need to figure out what our next stage will entail. Join Senior Staff Writer Gabrielle Kloppers as she explores one of your options—law school—and how Columbia can help you get there.

First of all, before deciding to embark on law school, you should ask whether it is the right path for you. It is often seen as a sell-out move for English or History students who no longer want to lecture in front of sweaty college students and wear tweed jackets. But it is a serious commitment, both financially and in terms of the sheer quantity of tedious reading required.

Now, if that didn’t put you off, keep on reading this article.

Most law schools have a deadline somewhere in February, so keep that in mind. If this is your senior year, you will need to get cracking. Furthermore, most law schools work on a rolling admissions basis, so they will favor applicants who get their applications in early. So ideally, you’re looking to submit those applications by late November or early December, but EARLIER is BETTER, so don’t procrastinate, this isn’t a CC Reading that you can do a week before the final. So you ideally want around a year for preparation.

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An email to a listserv that says, "Please take me off the listerv. Thank you!"

Hell hath no fury like reply-all emails

The Activities Fair is a magical time. The sound of taiko drums and the rush of enthusiastic students combine in the air to form some kind of drug that possess students to sign up for both Bible study and Torah study. Whether or not you wanted to, you may have been swindled into signing up for the Ultimate Acrostic Club. But how do you get away from the dozen club email lists you signed up for? Here’s a short guide that should help you through your current miasma of an inbox.

Columbia email lists: Many club email lists run through the university, and a circa 2009 platform called “Mailman.” You can check out most of the mailing lists on campus by visiting the mailing list homepage. In order to unsubscribe from a listserv, select the mailing list in question. Enter your email address at the “unsubscribe or edit options” text box at the bottom of the page. Then, press the “unsubscribe” button in the middle of the page. You can also reach the listserv’s page by clicking the lists.columbia.edu URL in the footer of the club email.

Check the bottom: Thanks in part to the CAN-SPAM Act, most third party listserv managers are required to provide some sort of visible unsubscribe option within their emails. For example, most MailChimp emails include unsubscribe text in their footers. Other key terms to look for are “update your preferences” and “subscription settings.” Some emails may have their full text (which includes the unsubscribe text at the bottom) clipped, so make sure to view the full email if you have trouble unsubscribing.

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See a view like this – for free!

It’s hard to deny that New York is an expensive place – it seems as though, in order to do anything fun in the city, one must have unlimited time and money. Bwog strongly disagrees, and Staff Writer Jack Treanor is here to help with a fun, easy-to-follow itinerary that will save you money.

10:30 am: Wake up and have an hour long shower (you don’t pay for utilities in Columbia Housing)

11:15 am: Message that freshman you matched with on Tinder with the 19 meals per week dining plan. Ask them to swipe you into a dining hall. Proceed to eat like a king. Don’t forget to take snacks.

12:00 pm: Walk south to 110th Street and cut over to meet the Central Park at Fredrick Douglas Circle. Gaze upon the glory of 843 acres of prime NYC real estate devoted entirely to your enjoyment.

12:00 – 12:20 pm: Take a leisurely walk through the park enjoy the only truly free things in life, sunlight, air, and a unique sense of curiosity that adds flavor to seemingly mundane moments of self-reflection.

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Morningside Lights?

New York City is packed with amazing culture and inspiring art, but sometimes it’s difficult to break the Morningside-bubble and experience it all first-hand. “Where Art Thou” is a weekly guide to interesting and notable lectures, events, and performances for the literary/musically/theatrically-inclined on campus.

Since classes just started, there aren’t any student performances happening for a while. But don’t worry, you can still get your (free!) dose of arts anywhere you’d like…

On campus this week:

  • Meet at Low Library on Monday, September 11 for a guided historical tour of Columbia’s campus. You’ll learn about the stunning architecture and beautiful sculptures all over campus, and maybe even catch up on a few urban legends. Any and all are welcome!
  • Tuesday night at 6 pm is the opening of the Harriman Institute and the Durdy Bayramov Art Foundation’s new exhibit in the International Affairs Building. The exhibit, Through the Eyes of Durdy Bayramov: Turkmen Village Life, 1960–80s, showcases photographs of Bayramov’s life growing up in Turkmenistan.
  • Also Tuesday night is the Argus Quartet playing at Miller Theatre. Admission is free to see this world renowned string quartet on campus!
  • Frank Lloyd Wright is coming to Wallach Art Gallery! This new exhibit explores the connections between Wright and Harlem. It will be there until mid December, but head on over soon to be one of the first to see this incredible exhibit.


  • Starting on September 13, head on over to the Met Breuer to see Delirious, an exhibit exploring American, Latin American, and European artists. Admission is free with your CUID!
  • The Museum of the City of New York is opening an exhibit on aqueducts. Yes, you read that right. To Quench the Thirst of New Yorkers features letters and drawings from the time of the Croton Aqueduct’s construction. Admission is free with your CUID.

Coming up:

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You, a cool cat, after a Bwog meeting filled with grapes and fun

Howdy. Are you interested in GS politics? Do you like student news? Can you fit five grapes in your mouth at once? If you answered yes to one or three of these questions, you should definitely, 100%, without a doubt, join Bwog. We’re looking for a cool cat to cover the weekly GSSC meetings that take place every Tuesday evening. You’ll quickly learn about the college’s interesting history and know what’s up, all the time. You’ll also be in Bwog, which means free food, free friends, and a good time. Come to our first meeting on Sunday, September 10th at 9pm in Lerner 510. See you!!

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Wish we could take one of these downtown instead of the one train

Happening around the world: Hurricane Irma is continuing to wreak havoc on the Caribbean, and Hurricane Jose is close behind. Neil Dickinson and his company of two helicopters are attempting to evacuate the island of Bermuda of children, the sick, and the elderly (about 1,600 people) in between these two storms. (Bloomberg)

Happening in the nation: Former Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano is suing President Trump to save DACA, the federal program protecting young undocumented immigrants that she created in 2012. Her suit accuses Trump’s staff of “violating administrative procedures and constitutional due process requirements.” (NY Times)

Happening in NYC: The London revival of Angels in America will be transferring to Broadway this February for an eighteen-week run. Almost the entire company will be continuing in their roles – including Andrew Garfield and Nathan Lane. (Playbill)

Happening on campus: Grazb (a new social networking app) is hosting a “bubble battle party” somewhere at Columbia (details TBD?) at 1 pm. Their Facebook event claims that they will break the Guiness world record for most simultaneous bubbles blown, but that might be a bit challenging, considering only two people have marked “going”.

Overheard: (on College Walk) “‘On three! One! Two! Three! RUSH BWOG!!”

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