Did We Mention That Bagel Is Twenty?

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Most bagels, when they turn twenty years old, grow stale and moldy, but not this one. Our own bagel is twenty years old and beautiful and thriving. She is a beautiful bagel and a perfect bagel in chief. Here is photographic evidence of her thriving. I found every single picture on my phone and computer that I could in my exhausted state. This is my favorite bagel and also my favorite titty. By my, I mean Bwog’s. Please wish her a happy birthday by texting her, messaging her, commenting, emailing,,, etc. Happy birthday, Amara! We Love You!!!


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  1. hard hitting journalism buff  

    is this journalism

  2. ximena  

    youngweon wat kinda repportin is this

  3. Anonymous

    It's really spelled "Baked Hole", Bagel is just Brooklynese

  4. a loving bread connoisseur

    bagels fuckin rule. i luv u guys

  5. bagel in question  

    thx guys ;')

  6. Joe Milholland

    Happy Birthday Amara!

    Bwog has A+ recently.

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