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All hail Patrick Tapé!

Wondering how the Lions did last night? Staff writer Abby Rubel went to the game so you could do your homework instead. 

The Lions (1-7) dropped another close game Monday, losing to Quinnipiac (3-6) 89-87 in the final four seconds. This is their sixth loss in a row and the fifth by 10 or fewer points.

The team quickly jumped out in front of Quinnipiac, leading by nine five minutes into the first (their largest lead of the game), and in fact were ahead for most of the half. But the Bobcats never got too far behind and snatched the lead with 6:18 left before halftime. Junior Quinton Adlesh quickly responded with a three-pointer, and with a little over four minutes to go, the Lions seemed like they were pulling ahead. Junior Lukas Meisner and sophomore Mike Smith both contributed layups to put the Lions up by five, but, thanks to two three-pointers from Quinnipiac first-year Jacob Rigoni, the Lions went into the locker room with a two-point lead.

The second half featured a fierce struggle over the lead, which changed 13 times. Columbia first-year Jaron Faulds was especially impactful, making 5-6 of his field goal attempts despite only playing for six minutes. With a little over three minutes to go in the game, senior Nate Hickman hit a jumper to put the Lions up three, 87-84. They maintained that lead until, with 1:27 left on the clock, Quinnipiac first-year Rich Kelly hit a three pointer of his own to tie it up at 87. As the game’s final seconds wound down, Kelly put the ball up again to give the Bobcats a two-point lead despite a last-second three-point attempt from Smith.

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Oh Christmas tree oh christmas tree

Every Tuesday Bwog brings you a recap of the previous night’s ECS meeting. Bureau Chief Finn Klauber recounts this week’s ESC meeting which covered a range of interesting topics, from the tax bill to home destruction. 

VP Policy, Zoha Qamar

VP Qamar discussed the “wellness machines,” vending machines with health products such as emergency contraception, with Dr. Bernitz of Columbia Health, who was fairly receptive to the idea. Contraception such as Plan B would be offered for $25, which is half the price demanded at Duane Reade. Columbia just has to make sure they’re allowed to sell contraception without a pharmaceutical license, so they’re working with a Cornell unit to determine if they can sell these products without breaking federal or state law. If everything works out, ESC could begin stocking products within the school year.

Qamar also met with other members of the Mental Health Task Force to discuss the Residence Hall Leadership Organization’s (RHLO) proposal to place peer advocates in every resident hall. This plan would begin with Wien and Broadway, two dorms specifically selected by RHLO. Generally, RHLO would like to focus on dorms with upperclassmen, as there are fewer residence hall activities and a resulting lack of community. This plan is stymied, however, by the fact that freshman dorms would not be able to responsibly have freshman peer advocates. Other issues include space requirements, which vary from dorm to dorm, and the fact that instituting a peer advocate plan without optimizing CPS will just exacerbate the current mental health issues relating to that department.

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A display of fruit and dessert in an empty Ferris Booth Dining Hall

The Share Meals app has been approved!

Barnard Bwogger Dassi Karp covered the bureaucracy at last nights SGA meeting which involved seven candidate speeches and updates on the Share Meals app.

At Barnard’s SGA meeting last night, Rep Council was in full polite bureaucracy mode. SGA’s current Rep for Academic Affairs, Shoshana Edelman, is leaving the council to study abroad next semester, and this week’s meeting was devoted to selecting her replacement. Applicants for the position were invited to present their qualifications and visions for the position with a two minute speech, followed by questioning. The Rep Council was supposed to vote and inform the winning candidate later that night. They did not do so. Curious? Its less interesting than you think. Read on to find out why.

Though the only official part of the agenda was hearing the candidate speeches, SGA did manage to keep its streak of interfacing with administrative or student guests. “For once we have an open floor guest, which is really exciting,” remarked SGA President Angela Beam (we don’t really miss you, Georgette). The leadership of WBAR, Barnard’s freeform radio station, joined SGA to ask for support in their request for a new space. Currently, WBAR is housed in the basement of Brooks hall. Apparently, this location was supposed to be temporary, as the station was moved there during the construction of the Diana Center in 2007. DJs have reported health concerns, such as dust allergies, which makes it difficult or impossible for them to use the space. The space is too small, and often too hot to hold meetings in. Additionally, being in a Barnard dorm makes it difficult for non-Barnard CU students to access the space, because though Public Safety has a list of approved names, it is often incorrect or not updated. These factors make it difficult or impossible for WBAR to do what it does best, building a community of performers and artists with a place to express themselves. SGA will take this proposal under consideration.
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Waiting for your tutor at office hours is always fun

The most common advice given by parents and career counselors alike is “make sure to develop relationships with your professors!” And that is good advice. Professors have a lot of knowledge and experience to share, and you will absolutely need at least one to write you a recommendation letter at some point. The best time to bond with a professor is during their office hours. And you know this–that’s why you showed up with your heavily annotated copy of the class readings prepared with at least three smart questions guaranteed to get your professor chatting happily away with you.

This person, however, has no idea what to say to the professor. You see them frantically flipping through the reading outside the office, searching for something to ask about that might make the professor like them. It’s not that they haven’t been to class or kept up with the readings, it’s just that they have no idea how to get the ball rolling with the professor. Once they get inside, you can hear them stammer out their question about symbolism in To the Lighthouse and the professor responds with a brief answer.

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Happening in the World: The Supreme Court has sanctioned President Trump’s travel ban – pending legal challenges from California and Virginia – which bans travelers from six mainly muslim countries (Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen.)  Seven out of the nine supreme court Justices lifted the injections: Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor were the only judges to dissent. (BBC)

We have a building named after this guy or something

Happening in the U.S: Despite the multitude of sexual assault allegations against Roy Moore, the Republican National Committee has resumed their endorsement and support of him. Moore’s running against Doug Jones for the Alabama senate seat, with elections taking place on December 12th. (The Guardian)

Happening in NYC: Dr Vagelos and his wife Diana have donated $250 Million dollars to Columbia University. $150 million of this will fund financial aid programs at Columbia, with medical students with the greatest needs benefiting from grants. Subsequently, the Columbia College of surgeons will be renamed in their honor. (NYT)

Happening on Campus: Are you looking for an intellectual and wholesome way to procrastinate? Then join the director of Women Poets at Barnard Saskia Hamilton and Pulitzer prize winning author Hisham Matar for an intimate reading of some of their popular works at 7pm in Barnard Hall 418.

Food of the Day: The jumbo tub of cookies from Trader Joes that are $3.99 make me incredibly happy.

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