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Ahhh, a slice of pizza the size of your whole body from Koronet’s always does the trick.

Though the semester is finally starting to kick in with the workload and assignments due, Bwog Staffers still made sure to take some time out of their busy lives and enjoy their weekends. Luckily, we compiled the best of their stories from the past few days and have a nice list for your enjoyment.

Bwog and the City:

  • Met a detective and my Law and Order dreams came true.
  • Went home just to see my dog and steal some avocados.
  • Lost all sensation in my left hand for 16 hours after canvassing in Queens when it was ten degrees Fahrenheit outside.
  • Spent over two hours at bluestockings looking at books before ultimately deciding not to buy anything.
  • Figured out how to program “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” at a Korean karaoke place, then proceeded to absolutely fail at singing it because the lyrics were all in Japanese.
  • Helped my angry drunk friend home after finding her in Roti Roll thanks to Find my Friends, even though she’d texted me that she was “in an uber home.”
  • Went to a virtual reality concert. Met a cute boy who made fun of my Jack Wills parka.
  • Slipped on ice whilst drunk and entered John Jay lobby with a bleeding wound on my leg.
  • Went to Yale for a program training. Surprised myself by actually being happy to see the Columbia gates for once.

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Perfect for any meal

If you’re #FerrisForever like yours truly, you might already know of some of these amazing food hacks. If you don’t, we’re here to enlighten you. There’s a reason why this is the best dining hall, and it’s that you can always, and I mean always find amazing food options at Ferris. Sure, we have plastic utensils and plates, and the omelet line might be miles long after your 8:40, but it’s totally worth it. And if you’re in a rush and want to skip some lines, here are some great food options and other Ferris food hacks to better your day.

1.) Greek Yogurt with granola bits and nutella. Add peanut butter or craisins if you’re about that life. There’s never a line, and it’s always available.

2.) Boldly walk past the 200 person pasta line and order some meatballs. Add some cheddar cheese to top it off.

3.) Not in the mood for hot coffee? No problem. Cold brew coffee + half and half + hazelnut or caramel syrup. It’s better than Starbucks.

4.) Vegetarian burritos at the action station again? Gross. Grab a bowl and ask for some chicken at the salad bar. Then head over and ask them to add it to your burrito. You’re welcome.

5.) In a rush to your 10:10 and don’t want to wait the omelet line? Grab some scrambled eggs and head over to the avocado toast station. Add bacon bits, peppers, tomatoes, onions, cheddar cheese, etc. Not the worst alternative, though maybe a bit colder.

6.) In the mood for a root-beer float? If it’s ice cream day at Ferris, grab a couple scoops and pour yourself a cup of your choice of soda, then combine.

7.) If you’re preparing for that Friday night pregame, bring a couple of water bottles and fill them up with your choice of mixer and steal some dining hall cups for the drinks. If you’re feeling particularly crafty, snag a salt shaker for the rim of your drinks.

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You all should be this excited about Columbia sports!

Sports Editor Abby Rubel brings you up-to-date on Columbia Athletics, just in case you slept through the whole weekend after staying up way late on Friday.

Archery: Results have yet to be announced.

Men’s Tennis: Despite missing their star player, Jackie Tang, the men’s tennis team defeated Vanderbilt 4-3, including three straight victories in singles. The team remains undefeated going into another home match next week against Ole Miss.

Women’s Squash: Women’s squash split their matches this weekend, losing to Yale 5-4 but defeating Brown 8-1 the next day. Columbia remains at number 6, now a full game behind Yale. The Bulldogs hung onto their undefeated record against the Lions, but only by the skin of their teeth. The Lions will likely remain competitive next year, as two of Columbia’s four victories came from first-years, including Habiba Mohamed, who’s hard-fought match against Brown was the Lions’ only lost in that match-up.

Honorable mention: Men’s basketball’s nail-biting win 83-76 against Harvard on Friday. Quinton Adlesh had a game-high 20 points, and four other Lions went to double digits. Between Patrick Tape’s spectacular dunks (is he the new Conor Voss?) and Adlesh’s excellent 55% completion rate on three pointers, the Lions came back from a 15-point deficit in the first half to defeat the Crimson. The lead only changed once—once the Lions came back, they dominated. They also defeated Dartmouth on Saturday 77-74.

Track and Field: women came in third, men came in fifth at the Metropolitan Championships in Staten Island
Women’s Tennis: won 5-2 away against Penn State
Women’s Basketball: lost 85-67 at Harvard, lost 88-65 at Dartmouth
Men’s Swimming and Diving: won 162-134 against Dartmouth
Wrestling: lost 35-5 at Cornell
Men’s Squash: won 6-3 at Yale, won 8-1 at Brown
Women’s Swimming and Diving: won 175-114 against Dartmouth

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Now that’s a good cupcake!

To put it mildly, Bwog has a serious sweet tooth. So, Cooking with Bwog put their heads together to create what is going to be the next big baking craze: Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache and Raspberry Frosting. The cupcakes are crazy moist (I hate that word, but it’s so accurate! C’mon, say it with me.) The ganache- decadent, luscious and oh, so addictive. The raspberry frosting- bright and colorful, creamy, and with just the perfect touch of sweetness. Go ahead and make these for birthdays, club meetings, or just for your typical Tuesday night. Your roommates will adore you.

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Someone please collect their tampon.

Happening Around the World: Amidst threats from outside countries and organizations of a terrorist attack or an affiliated plan, South Korea has been practicing drills in Pyeongchang for the Winter Olympics, which open this Thursday. Over 36,000 foreigners have already been banned from the event in lieu of safety concerns. (CBS)

Happening in the US: The 52nd Super Bowl occurred last night, with the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles fighting it out for NFL’s most esteemed title. The Eagles ended up claiming the title, beating the Patriots in a close game 41-33. This year’s performer at the Halftime Show was Justin Timberlake, whose performance was controversial over the usage of a Prince hologram after Prince explicitly stated he would not want one done of him. (CBS)

Happening in the City: A man drove to City Hall and shot himself in the head early this morning. Around 7:30 AM, police were called to City Hall after reports of a man driving his car up to the eastern gate of the building and got out of his car to shoot himself in the head. Police are conducting an investigation as to the intentions of this act, and have the area surrounding City Hall under more surveillance. (NBC)

Happening on Campus: Interested in political science and psychology? This event may be for you. Professor David Nickerson will be hosting a talk called “Director of Experiments: The Science Behind Democracy and Political Campaigns” today from 1:00-2:00 PM in Room 1512 of the International Affairs building. This discussion will focus on the usage of data analysis in politics, as well as his experience providing data analysis for the Obama and Clinton presidential campaigns. More about the event here.

Overseen on Campus: A tampon laying about on the ground. Is it enjoying its life? Or is it in pain, enduring the cold, waiting for its owner to pick it up from the ground?

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