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If Daily Editors are the structure that keeps Bwog running, Staff Writers are the steering wheel that drives us to new places. They write our articles, from lecturehops to student interviews to conspiracy theories. They develop new avenues for our content, like sports recaps, a science advice column, and Cooking with Bwog. They investigate serious campus issues, and they also sometimes wax poetic about strange objects found in Carman stairwells.

Basically, Staff Writers are the heart of Bwog’s content. The job of a Staff Writer is to write ten posts (or more!) each semester, attend weekly meetings (every Sunday at 9 pm in Lerner 510), and contribute to other staffers’ ideas through our email listserv and Slack server. Unlike other publications, Bwog does not ask Staff Writers to specialize in one content area. Rather, we encourage our writers to write about whatever interests them, and try out everything – events, arts, science, sports, shortforms – regardless of previous experience. However, if you are interested in one particular area, feel free to email an editor (emails for all of our editors can be found on our masthead) and ask about it!

To become a Staff Writer, fill out the application below and send it to by 11:59 pm on Friday, September 14. Applications should be submitted in the form of a .PDF document titled “*First Name* App.” But before you send in your app, you should come to our first open meeting tomorrow to find out more about how Bwog works.

If you’d like to write for Bwog, but aren’t sure you can commit to weekly meetings and ten posts a semester – that’s cool, too! Anyone who comes to an open meeting and pitches a story is welcome to guest write for us. We’ll talk more about this process at tomorrow’s meeting, too.

Staff Writer application:

About Bwog:

  • What do you think Bwog is?
  • Tell us about one Bwog post you liked, one post you didn’t like, and why for both.
  • Come up with three sample post ideas that you would like to see on Bwog.
  • Draw Bwog.

About you:

  • Why do you want to join Bwog?
  • You’re taking Bwog out on a date! What would you do? Where would you go?
  • What aspects of Columbia might you be interested in writing about?
  • In which Columbia building or business near campus would you want to spend twelve hours?

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