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This place is such a mess, but it just keeps bringing us back.

It may be getting colder, but Columbia students still find time to do crazy things! Send in your field notes to for a feature.


Drinking/Bar Adventures:

  • Threw an Earth, Wind, & Fire-themed party on September 21st. Five drinks in, read my two-page music hum essay on “September” to everyone.
  • Almost burst into tears when the bouncer at a work party tried to card me (and he let me in).
  • Walked into 1020, heard a Kid Rock song playing, and promptly walked out.
  • Told myself on Thursday afternoon I wouldn’t drink any liquor; spent Thursday night drinking homemade mojitos before making my way to Mel’s for Cape Codders.
  • got blackout drunk, woke up the next day and found out that two of my floormates decided it was a good idea to fuck…lol @ the next 8 months.
  • Witnessed a first year trying to bribe the 1020 bouncer with a crisp $20 bill.

Tinder Adventures:

  • went to Sig Nu darty instead of going on a wholesome Tinder date then proceeded to read 3 books of the Odyssey still drunk.
  • matched with a girl on tinder that looks eerily similar to my ex.
  • got into a long conversation with someone on tinder about mystical realms.
  • Ran into someone I matched on tinder at JJs.

How much did Bwog eat this weekend?



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Hogwarts? Who She? Columbia doesn’t rock the residential college system and Ryan Murphy doesn’t dig the whole network tv thing either.

October can’t come soon enough. To get his spook on, senior Bwogger Leo Bevilacqua decided to sort through his love-hate relationship with Ryan Murphy in a productive way. 

MURDER HOUSE (Carman) – Where the horror begins quite literally. Plus, some unfortunate upperclassmen find themselves trapped in this liminal space for years to come as RA’s. Those who do escape promptly avoid it at all costs, avoiding each new shipment of the doomed and overtly anxious. What’s more frightening than cinder block walls and nervous energy?

ASYLUM (Wien) – Besides the pervasive rumors that Wien is a leftover of the insane asylum that occupied Morningside before Columbia, the space itself has a kind of monastic set-up. Its corridor style hallways with identical singles with low-watt institution lighting, and a sink serve prison realness. Could totally see Jessica Lange doing the “Name Game” dance sequence in the strangely ornate, fancy lounge.

but what about the witches?



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Bureau Chief Nadra Rahman is blown along by easy breezes in the Satow Room, as harsh winds, in the form of heated words, have yet to hit CCSC. 

I guess CCSC organizes those silent dances on Low steps?

Last night’s meeting of CCSC was uncharacteristically peaceful, with many a unanimous vote. The most pressing matter on the agenda was passing proposed, uncontroversial amendments for CCSC bylaws. Side attractions included nominations for various councils and approvals of co-sponsorships.

The changes to CCSC bylaws were just as dry as the original material. VP Finance Adam Resheff proposed adding language that would clarify the proportion of affirmative votes needed in specific situations, which is something that has occasionally flummoxed members. Notably, he wished to amend the section governing closed meetings so that a ⅔ majority would be needed to close a meeting to the press, instead of a simple majority—speaking to the need for accountability to the student body in his statement.

Most contentious (relatively speaking), however, was Resheff’s request to formalize the Question and Answer periods that take place when outside presenters come to CCSC. Resheff proposed that during these Q&As, members of CCSC be able to ask the presenter(s) up to three consecutive questions with no direct responses from other members. Disability Services Rep Aaron Liberman questioned whether such a rule would stifle conversation among council members, but Resheff replied that the Q&A period should be envisioned strictly as an information-gathering session, with discussion to follow afterwards.

Are there any notes of discord?



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Pretend the ball is your boring discussion section.

Sports Editor Abby Rubel livens up your Monday with tales from the field. And court. 

Football: The Lions improved to 2-0 this weekend in a 23-15 victory over 1-3 Georgetown. Sophomore Dillon Davis started at quarterback and went 16-30 on passes for 201 yards and one touchdown. Senior kicker Chris Alleyne made three field goals, a career high. After scoring 10 points in the first quarter, the Lions were scoreless for the rest of the half, despite plenty of opportunities in the second half. Two field goals in the third quarter put the Light Blue up 23-0, but the Hoyas surged in the fourth quarter, intercepting the football to score on two consecutive drives. They threatened to score again with less than five minutes to go, but a six-yard sack from sophomore defensive lineman Ogonna Oraedu on fourth and goal gave the Lions the ball and the game.

Men’s Soccer: The Light Blue (3-2-1) lost 1-0 to Fordham (4-1-2) over the weekend. Fordham’s lone goal came in the first half from the feet of Fordham senior Janos Loebe. Only two of the Lions’ shots 15 shots were on goal. Nor were the Light Blue successful on their nine corner kicks. Columbia remains fourth in the Ivy League heading into conference play next weekend, behind Penn and ahead of Princeton. They’ll take on 3-3 Brown next weekend.

Volleyball: Columbia (6-5, 0-1 Ivy) lost to Cornell (6-5, 1-0 Ivy) 1-3 on Saturday in their Ivy opener. Each of the four sets was tight—23-25, 18-25, 25-22, 25-27—but the Lions failed to capitalize on slim leads in the first and fourth sets. First-year Emily Teehan had another phenomenal match, posting 10 digs and 11 kills for her fifth double-double this year. Junior Chichi Ikwuazom led the defense with seven blocks. The Lions will look to improve their Ivy record next weekend with a pair of home matches against Dartmouth and Harvard.

Women’s Tennis1 doubles title, 1 singles finalist at Cissie Leary Tournament
Field Hockeywon 4-2 at Brown, won 2-1 against Bryant
Women’s Soccer: won 2-1 against Cornell

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She’ll be here on Thursday!

The World Leaders Forum 2018 is here! Heads of state, foreign policy experts, and academics will be coming to speak to the Columbia community this week. Most of these events are already full, but get excited to see some fancy limousines and security teams roll through campus.

Here’s who will be here, and when:

Monday: Can the EU be True to its Values? First Vice-President of the European Commission H.E. Frans Timmermans. Moderated by Adam Tooze, with opening remarks by Anya Schiffrin, at 1 pm in Low Library.

Thursday: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand. This event is part of the International Conference on Sustainable Development, at 9:15 am in Lerner Hall.

Thursday: His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon of Norway. This event is also part of the International Conference on Sustainable Development, at 10 am in Lerner Hall.

Thursday: The Honorable Madeleine K. Albright: Global Challenges of Today – Commemorating Václav Havel. Welcome remarks by Merit Janow, introductions by President Lee Bollinger, and moderated by Jan Svejnar, 1:30 pm in Low Library.

If you attended any of the speaker series, or if you spot some of these speakers on campus, feel free to reach out at!

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The Barnard Community Garden she tells you not to worry about

Colloquially referred to as the “Barnard Gardening Club,” officially recognized as nothing, but personally called the “Barnard Community Garden,” this unofficial club at Barnard has made a lot of change considering its (lack of) status. Bwog sat down with the visionaries behind the Barnard Community Garden and talked about sending an inordinate amount of e-mails and encouraging inclusivity in sustainable initiatives. 

You probably haven’t heard of the Barnard Gardening Club before this. Unless you are one of the original 12 witnesses to Katie Russell’s (BC ’18) vision or the two remaining club runners, Natasha Reich BC ’21 and Ellery Vaughan ’19, you probably also didn’t notice the 4×6 gardening plot currently growing in the Barnard Quad. Compared to the Columbia-equivalent growing in the NoCo Plaza, the Barnard Community Garden could be easily overlooked, but considering its recent inception of last semester and its lack of formal recognition, the BCG has received more benefits and gained more traction than would be expected of an informal initiative toward sustainability.

The club began as a subcommittee of Barnard’s EcoReps by Katie Russell as they petitioned for a space on campus which could be available to and tended by students. While currently growing arugula and dill, the club itself struggles with growing its general body and public support without the Governing Board at Barnard’s recognition, which controls funding for campus organizations. Additionally, Reich and Vaughan are incumbent members balancing the practicalities of Katie Russell’s original vision and taking agency over the club they now independently run.

Learn about the Gardening Club challenges and vermicomposting after the jump!



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Happening in the World: A flight in Melbourne, Australia hit a shopping center soon after take-off from Essendon Airport, killing the pilot and four passengers. Authorities found out that the plane’s rudder had been in the wrong position, a simple error that could have been fixed by the pilot before takeoff.

The MitraClip being used to repair heart valves

Happening in the US: In a large clinical trial, doctors have been using a tiny clip in order to repair damaged heart valves among those with heart disease. This device, called the MitraClip, repairs the mitral valve by clipping its two flaps together in the middle. Previously, it was believed that this would have no effect on treating heart disease but in a study conducted across the US and Canada with 614 patients, 92 who got the device were hospitalized for heart failure during the period, and 28 died as opposed to the 151 untreated who were hospitalized for heart failure in the ensuing two years and sixty-one who died.

Happening in NYC: A 52-year old woman stabbed five people, including 3 infants, at an unlicensed maternity center in Queens last Friday. The infants remain in critical condition, while the two adults were stabbed over eight times. The horrific murder has the suspect arrested on five counts for murder and undergoing a psychiatric evaluation.

Happening on Campus: The Ukrainian Film Club of Columbia will be hosting a film screening and discussion of “Vulcano,” an irreverent commentary on the Southern Ukrainian steppe, where the Russian Spring came to an end in 2014. It will be held at Deutsches Haus from 7 to 8 PM.

Overseen/Overheard: Football player to another football player in Carman (paraphrased)– Man, I lifted so much last night, I’m still sore… It’s kinda like nutting all over your chest.

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