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is shuffleboard even a sport? who knows

As the first wave of midterms rolls around, Bwog’s staff members manage to do some wholesome this weekend between all the studying. If you have any stories that you think may be a good addition to this, email us at and we will add to it!

Studious Bwog

  • Found my new fav study spot @ Columbia law <3
  • Came up with various spins on “champagne socialist” at Bwunch including but not limited to Coors light communist martini Marxist.
  • Essayed my days away.
  • Tried to read a whole book in a day, literally only read 4 pages.
  • Caught up on The Good Place and am now debating writing a CC response/paper about it.

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She has the biggest Barnard Energy of all.

Have you ever looked at someone walking down Broadway and instantly known that person goes to Barnard? Or maybe you are Barnard student and one day, you look in a mirror, realizing you’ve ascended to a higher plane of Barnard understanding. Or maybe you just get misken for a Barnard student a lot. Either way, there are some people on this campus who exude so much Big Barnard Energy that it’s incalculable. We at Bwog applied some complicated algorithms and came up with this fool-proof system to determine if you or someone you love has BBE.

If you suspect yourself or someone you’ve seen of having BBE, start with a base of 10 points and go from there:

  • chopped off all their hair after Thanksgiving break (+10)
  • made it their goal to only study on Barnard’s campus (+5)
    • studies in Butler (-3)
    • studies in Milstein (misleading) (+0)
  • started reading feminist theory two months after arriving on campus (+7)
  • takes only Barnard classes (+15)
  • has a nose piercing (+2)
  • has at least 3 ear piercings (+2, +1 for each additional piercing after that)
  • sleeps only in Barnard College merch (+ 3)
  • complains about both Columbia’s sign in, and Barnard’s sign out policies (+4)
  • wait up to ten minutes for their preferred Diana pizza (+3)
  • wondered if they’re allowed to buy Columbia apparel (+1)
  • wears plaid shirts at least 5 times a week (+3)
  • denim on denim (+2)
    • with black boots (+5)
  • complains about how much they hate men and then immediately says “no offense” to the CC boy who’s standing right there (+5)
    • “Men are trash,” no apology (+8)
  • complaining about how terrible Hewitt is but is too lazy to cross the street to Ferris (+2)
  • “it’s the best of both worlds!!!1!” (+3)
  • still owns and uses the Barnard sleeping mask they were sent when they got their acceptance letter (+3)
  • always puts the Columbia University geotag on their Snapchats to show they can keep up with CC (-7)
  • talks about how people care more about self-care at Barnard than Columbia (+2)
  • owns Doc Martens (+1)
  • mentions going to meet someone on campus for a buy/sell/trade exchange (+3)
  • has a favorite order at Liz’s Place (+2)
  • can count guy friends on one hand (+9)
  • owns a Fjallraven Kranken (+1)
  • has a crush on a male professor (+1)
    • has a crush on, specifically, James Casey of intro bio lab fame (+3)
  • has a crush on Margaret Vandenburg or Rachel Eisendrath (+3)
    • has a crush on both Margaret Vandenburg and Rachel Eisendrath (+5)
  • goes to Well Woman for the free condoms (+3)
  • got deeply into astrology after their first 3 months (+3)
  • keeps a running total of how many CC students to whom they’ve explained dinner at the Diana (+4, +1 for every person on the list)
  • in a sorority (+4)
  • floral tattoo (+6)
  • overheard talking about an EC party (+3)
  • understands points (+1)
  • prefers Mel’s to 1020 (just a first year)


  • 0-10 points: They’ve never stepped foot on Barnard’s campus. Actually, they’re not quite sure what that school on the other side of Broadway is, but now it’s too late to ask.
  • 10-20 points: They have some nebulous Barnard energy, but generally, people assume they’re a Columbia student, and whether they are or not, they’re okay with it.
  • 21-35 points: They’re still pretty hard to trace, could go either way, but you’d feel good putting money on them having attended Barnard at some point, or at least, taking every class they can over there.
  • 35-50 points: On the brink of going full Barnard; they never want to step on “the other side of the street” and avoid it at all costs, even if that means eating in Hewitt. If they are a Columbia student, 9 times out of 10 there will be a half-filled out Barnard transfer application somewhere in their hard drive.
  • 51+ points: This person is pure Barnard energy. They’ve ascended past the realm of us mere mortals and have become something unknowable, greater than we could ever dream of comprehending. I salute them.

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these stock photo students must be reading Bwog ;)

Bwog likes to think of itself as the friend who has seen you through it all: the end of a long-distance relationship, the messy nights at Amity Hall, food poisoning from Ferris shrimp tacos, the homesickness. Though it is nearing midterms and just that awkward time of year where no one wants to meet new people, we won’t let you stay friendless in FroSci.

  1. Start stealing people’s possessions. This is a great conversation starter. When they ask where their stuff is going, you can pretend to help them look. Also, let things get progressively weirder. Start with pens but make your way toward more auspicious items, like entire backpacks or passion planners.
  2. Pretend you have a crush on your professor. This is a great bonding technique. This forbidden love and its manifestations of in-class fantasies and chronic punctuality unite classmates of all demographics. Hot professors are hot professors.
  3. Alternatively, make quips about how much you hate your professor. They’ve been studying this material for 2 decades, but that doesn’t make them impermeable to an undergrad’s critiques. People love sarcasm and nihilistic humor is in, so don’t be afraid to turn to your neighbor and say, “get a load of this absolute asshole.”
  4. Take advantage of forced partnerships. No, these aren’t fun and no, Bwog doesn’t endorse them, but they will happen so you might as well get something out of it. Talk to your partner after class, follow up, friend them on Facebook. This is probably hard for a majority of Columbia’s population, but be nice, say hi, and most importantly, remember people’s names.
  5. Become the snack plug. If you’ve ever opened a pack of gum in high school, you know what this feels like. We’re going to take this to another level and make it something you should want to do: share. Bring cookies to class and ask if your neighbor wants one. Bring your illegal John Jay chocolate muffins to class and tell people they’re still warm. People may confuse you for another type of plug, but that’s okay–it’ll put you in even higher demand.




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Football > football.

Sports Editor Abby Rubel recounts tales of streaks forged and broken over the weekend. 

Football: Columbia (2-1, 0-1 Ivy) lost 45-10 to Princeton (3-0, 1-0 Ivy) on Friday. The game started off on a high note when Columbia sophomore Will Allen returned Princeton’s kickoff for 91 yards, giving Columbia the ball on Princeton’s 7 yard line. Columbia settled for a field goal, setting the tone for the rest of the game. The Lions scored their only touchdown of the game at the beginning of the second quarter, but other than that Princeton dominated on offense and defense. Columbia struggled to convert third downs, succeeding on only three of their 14 attempts. In the second half, they had only five first downs and were outscored 15-0. The Light Blue defense managed to contain the Tigers in the last quarter, but their offense was simply not able to put points on the board.

Women’s Soccer: The Lions (5-4-1, 2-0 Ivy) continued their Ivy streak in a 2-1 victory over Brown (4-6-1, 0-2 Ivy) this weekend. Columbia now leads the Ivy League and is the only team to have won both conference games. The game was tied 1-1 with less than a minute left in regulation, but then senior Rachel Alexander passed to sophomore Jordyn Geller. Geller edged the ball past Brown goalie Christine Etzel to win the game for Columbia. Columbia goalie Sophie Whitehouse made six saves and recorded her fifth win. The Lions will take on second-place Penn next weekend.

Field Hockey: The Blue and White (6-3, 2-0 Ivy) also remains undefeated in conference play after beating Cornell (2-7, 0-2 Ivy) in a 2-0 game, but the team is still third in the Ivies. Cornell goalie Maddie Henry made 13 saves but couldn’t stop the Columbia offense entirely. Seniors Danielle Buttinger and Katherine Cavanaugh both scored goals for the Lions. Buttinger’s goal came in the 18th minute of the game, after Cavanaugh touch-passed to her. Cavanaugh scored in the 41st minute off of a deflection from a Cornell defender. Columbia goalie Katie Dempsey had four saves for the second shut-out of her season.

Women’s Tennis: 1 singles title and 1 singles consolation title at West Point Invitational
Volleyball: won 3-1 against Dartmouth, won 3-1 against Harvard
Women’s Golf: 9th out of 12 teams at Princeton Invitational
Men’s Soccer: won 3-1 at Brown

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It may be SAD season, but CCSC isn’t deterred. Nadra Rahman reports from the field. 

it’s just jarring for a college student to see so many fruits and vegetables at once

In CCSC’s third meeting of the year, the body moves past setting the tone and starts making big moves—like funding a schoolwide farmshare, co-sponsoring an upcoming event by the Food Pantry, and having animated back-and-forth about NSOP.


CCSC started off the night by asking members to think about a potential add-on to NSOP—opt-in programming during the Labor Day weekend that would encourage small group interactions and community-building activities. The conversation around this was wide-ranging, as conversations about NSOP tend to be, from bashing COÖP to…bashing COÖP.

There were a few thoughts on the prospect of tacking on more programming after NSOP. One camp advocated for focusing on the events and programming we already have during NSOP and making them more engaging and small group-oriented. VP Finance Adam Resheff voiced a desire to start “tradition-building” during NSOP by organizing large scale games and events like color wars, in the hopes that this would inspire a sense of unity along the lines of pre-orientation programs like COÖP or CUE. He said, “The reason I felt excluded [when I started] was because of how good [COÖP] was.” Disability Services Rep Aaron Liberman suggested weaving in more small group outings throughout NSOP (including mini-COÖPs like day hikes) that would provide students with more intimate experiences while allowing them to explore the city.

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go!! to!! her!! talk!!

Editor’s note: This post has been updated to more accurately reflect the cause of the Palestinian protests.

Happening in the World: Israeli troops killed seven Palestinians, two of them children, at protests along the border fence. The protests were in response to calls by Hamas, the group that has controlled Gaza for the last 11 years, and have grown worse in recent weeks because of an increasing demand to end the Israeli-Egyptian blockade. More than 500 protestors were injured, including 35 children, four medics, and two journalists.

Happening in the US: Kellyanne Conway revealed to Jake Tapper on CNN’s State of The Union this morning that she is a survivor of sexual assault. She continued to explain why she believes that Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation proceedings should not become a part of the #MeToo movement but that women confront their perpetrators and hold them directly accountable.

Happening in NYC: At yesterday’s Global Citizen’s Festival, a bottle that was stepped on made a large popping noise, causing great panic among the crowd that believed it could have been an active shooter. A great rush towards the exit ensued until Coldplay’s Chris Martin came on the stage to calm the crowd. “Nobody is trying to hurt anybody,” Martin said. “You’re all safe, OK?”

Happening on Campus: Dr. Urvashi Sahni, Founder, and CEO of Study Hall Educational Foundation will be having a talk called “Engaging Boys for Gender Justice” on campus from 1 to 2 PM today at the International Affairs Building Room 801. She will be discussing the work she has done at the Prema School in India about how teachers’ can develop young boys’ feminist consciousnesses.

Bop of the Day:

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